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May Sucks: Trouble Every Day (2001)

Trouble Every Day (2001)
Director: Claire Denis
Starring: Vincent Gallo, Tricia Vessey, and Béatrice Dalle
Running Time: 101 min

  I've come across this film a number of times when searching for extreme films and always thought that it sounded interesting.  On top of that it's french, so if it's anything like "Frontier(s)" or "Inside", which coincidentally starred Béatrice Dalle as well, then this should be a pretty fantastic movie.

  A mysterious women lures a trucker out of his vehicle to "help" her with her car on the side of the road.  Hours later, the sun has set and a man on a motorcycle finds the womans' car abandoned and he searches for her in the nearby forest area.  When he finds her, the trucker is dead with a gaping wound in his neck and the woman is covered with blood.  The man comforts her, leads her back to his motorcycle and then they drive back home together.  When they arrive back at home, the man gives the woman some pills and after checking all the bars on the windows and other doors, he locks the woman back up in her room.
  Meanwhile, a young married couple Shane and June Brown are flying over to Paris, from America for their honeymoon.  They are excited and in love but Shane seems a little nervous and preoccupied because he is also trying to contact an old scientist friend about an issue he's been having.  Apparently, Shane cannot have intercourse, at least that's what June believes and Léo Semenau, a doctor friend of Shane's may have the answers that he that he has been looking for.  Unfortunately, Léo is no longer working for the same laboratory and seems to be untraceable.  Eventually, we find out that Léo and his wife, Coré are the the people who had to deal with the bloody trucker at the beginning.  June is also starting to have suspicions about veracity of Shane's affliction and maybe this isn't the fairy tale marriage that she was dreaming of.  Is there something more sinister here that June doesn't know about & can Shane find this friend and get the help he needs, or is there no hope a June is stuck in a relationship where the only pleasure may come from herself?

  This was pretty good, it was an interesting slow burn film with some sexy blood scenes.  Director Claire Denis (White Material, 35 Shots of Rum) holds the story cards very close to her chest & tries to keep Shane's intentions very mysterious until the end.  This is a sad love story about couples dealing with a horrifying sickness that either they must control or their partners must control for them.  It's interesting, complex at times and surprisingly very gory.
  Béatrice Dalle (The ABCs of Death 2, Livid) is both captivating and very dangerous in this film, as Coré the bloodsucking fiend wife of Léo Semenau.  She is incredible to watch as she lures victims to their demise but there also a real sense of sadness with the character and you realize that she is a victim herself because she has no control over this hunger inside her.  Vincent Gallo (The Brown Bunny, Buffalo '66) is also very good in this as the Shane character.  He flitters from scene to scene, desperately searching for a cure for what ails him and he tries to keep is dark secret away from the woman that he loves.  

  This is a very different kind of vampire movie, maybe it's a cannibal film, and it has a very art house feel to it.  It meanders at times and there is not as much back story in this as I would like.  I don't need a full explanation of what is going on but I would like to have a better understanding of the relationships between some of the main characters.  Is this a genetics thing? Is it a something that was contract on a trip? Is it a curse?  Denis leaves you guessing the whole time and this may be frustrating for some people because there is no answers in the end.
  Also, I think that most audiences will pick up on Shane's infliction soon into the film and I don't think that it is really necessary to try and keep his character's evolution working at such a slow pace and under-wraps.  Again, it would have been good to focus on his relationship with some of the other characters leading up to the ending of the film, which is very good, just not that surprising.

  This was a decent film but I think I was expecting a little bit more from it, considering the buzz that I've heard about it.  Still, it has a great horrifying story about love and how far people will go to keep that bit of happiness alive in there life, even if they have to lock it up in a room and stop it from eating people.  Also, there is some very gruesome love scenes that put the term "sex and violence" on a different level with some quality actors that can push the boundaries of terror.  So, if you're looking for a horror that has some sentimental ties to it, plunge into this film and drain the warm gooey humanity from it's neck.

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