Thursday, 12 March 2015

March Monsters: Wer (2013)

Wer (2013)
Director: William Brent Bell
Starring: A.J. Cook, Sebastian Roché, and Stephanie Lemelin
Running Time: 89 min

  I'm a little nervous about checking out this film because it is from the same writing and directing team that came out with "The Devil Inside", which was so so bad.  However, it's been a few years, I've heard some good buzz about this film and everybody deserves another chance, right.

  During a family vacation in France, the Porter family are horrendously mauled by a creature during a full moon.  The only one to barely survive was the mother and the only thing that she remembers about that night is that this creature was eating her son.  Worst vacation ever! The police go on a manhunt and soon arrest a rather hairy large man, Talan Gwynek for the murders because he lives in the vicinity of the crime and he's kind of creepy looking.  However, American lawyer Kate Moore thinks that he is innocent and the wounds inflicted on the Porters look more like an animal attack and not a man.  Her and her team, consisting of an ex-boyfriend, Gavin and another American ex-patriot, Eric, head over to the police station to see the evidence against her client.  However, the police are making them jump through hoops, not literally, and after seeing the grotesque twisted remains of the Porter family, Moore is finally allowed to see her client.  He is brought into a room "Hannibal Lecter" style, completely chained and even has a mouth piece to prevent him from biting anyone.  Moore is enraged and demands that her client be treated more humanely and that they remove the chains.  They do, although it is against the wishes of inspector Piston and Moore demands to be left alone with her hulking creepy client.  Piston and the police leave the room and Moore is finally able to speak with her client alone.  Unfortunately, he doesn't have a lot to say and it appears that Talan may have some sort of health issue that would exonerate him from the murder case.  However, the meeting is strangely cut short by the Piston and his police cronies and this causes a scuffle to ensue.  Gavin jumps into the room to protect Moore and gets bitten by Talan for his bravery.  There is a lot of yelling and Talan is finally hauled back to his cell.
  Kate Moore and her team then put on their detective hats and go looking for a way to prove that Talan's health issue could have prevented him from committing these murders.  During their investigation, they learn that Piston holds a grudge with the Gwynek family because they didn't sell their farmland to a nuclear power plant, so they could store waste there.  Also that Talan's father death was somewhat mysterious.  Eventually, they get the medical tests set up and Moore is confident that this will prove Talan's innocence.
  Meanwhile, Gavin is not feeling to hot after being and seems to be going through some changes of his own.  However, the team needs to focus on the Gwynek case and they meet Talan at the hospital to do the tests.  The tests seem to be going okay, until one of them cause Talan to have a seizure and he gets reaaaaaally violent.  He uses his suprehuman strength and his berserker rage to kill almost everyone in the room, then escapes.  Kate Moore and her team are completely humbled but for some reason still feel that the can help the police end this dangerous situation and bring in Talan safely.  Can Kate and her law team really help the police bring in this dangerous creature that is more animal than man or will they be pulled apart and eaten like poor Peter Porter?  

  This is a different kind of horror movie and I'm kind of up in the air about.  It seems to be more of a action/drama with elements of horror sprinkled throughout.  In one way, I like that director William Brent Bell isn't using the usual horror tropes but in another it just seems like a cop drama and doesn't have enough horror to keep me glued to my seat.
  Also, I'm not crazy about CGI action/violence used in this film at all.  When Talan is throwing people around and jumping off building, it just doesn't look real at all and it takes me right out of the picture.  I know that CGI is necessary in some cases and can be used every well, but it just doesn't happen in these instances.

  This film is much better than the "Devil Inside" and although the way that it is shot is very reminiscent of a "found footage film", it isn't one.  I think that it not being another found footage film allows Bell a lot more freedom to tell this story.  I like the overall idea and the ending, although it is a little heavy handed in the area of sentimentality, bordering on cheesy, but it is decent and has some unique twists to it.
  And although I was crazy about the action effects, I liked all the severed limbs and torsos that keep popping up.  As well as the creature make up that was used on the characters.  I thought that was pretty spot on.

  This is an okay/pretty good film that has some alright gruesome moments.  I like the idea of the story but I think it could have been executed a bit better, apparently Bell was shooting another project at the same time, there are gruesome scenes at times and the ending as some okay twists to it.  So, this may not be my first choice when it comes to this genre of horror film but it is not a regrettable one either.

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