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March Monsters: NightBeast (1982)

NightBeast (1982)
Director: Don Dohler
Starring: Tom Griffith, Jamie Zemarel, and Karin Kardian
Running Time: 80 min

  You have to hand it to Troma, they've been pushing out and distributing independent horror/sci-fi/weird ass films for years and have had a lot of fun doing it.  So when I saw that they had a title by Don Dohler, the director who did "Galaxy Invader", I was all in and ready to go.  I loves me some crazy alien films.

  One evening, the Nightbeast loses control of his spaceship and crashes it in a forest on the edge of a small town.  Different groups of locals see this fiery crash and go to investigate but when they discover the Nightbeast, they are blasted by evil alien's raygun and most of them are vaporized.  The survivors run to tell Sheriff Jack Cinder about the evil creature and somehow he is convinced pretty easily that an alien creature is vaporizing people in his forest.  Sheriff Jack gathers up a posse and head out to find this alien sombitch.
  Meanwhile, the Nightbeast is on a tear, not only vaporizing people but tearing them apart if necessary.  This raygun not only wipes out people but things like cars and stuff but when he met up with Sheriff Jack's posse, we soon learn that rock walls can stop this weapon.  Sheriff Jack has brought in, perhaps the oldest sharpshooter in film history and the posse sacrifices this old man's son to finally rid the creature of it's raygun.  Weaponless but still strong, the Nightbeast hightails it into the forest, choosing to fight another day.  This gives Sheriff Jack & the others time to try and evacuate their small town and stop this scourge from outer space.  Can Jack and his team of locals stop this interstellar maniac or will their town be the first of many in the destruction of Earth?    

  I was really surprised at how good this film looked, considering the time and the budget.  This isn't a home video camera job that I was expecting and it looks like writer/directo Don Dohler (Galaxy Invader, The Alien Factor) put some money into the production, which is very cool.
  Also I liked the look of the alien, it is very creepy.  I think the production may have had just the one mask but it doesn't matter because it works every time you see the creature.
  Finally, there is a good amount of gore in this film that I wasn't expecting either.  At first, I was a bit disappointed by the vaporizing of everybody but that alien started ruthlessly tearing people apart, I was like a kid in a ghoulish candy store.  The special effects team did a fantastic job all around on  this film.

  This is a Troma film, so I already know what to expect and really, so should you by now.  The premise of the story is pretty iffy but the first 30 minutes of the film is more like an action movie.  The sheriff and his posse are hunting down this creature, it's great.  However, the film falls into a lull after that and loses a bit of the focus on the alien.  On top of a murderous space creature, the sheriff now has to deal with a drunk politicians, abusive relationships in town and getting it on with his sexy MILF deputy.  Which he does and it's one of the most awkward sex scenes ever, I think for both them and us, the audience having to watch it.  Eventually, the film does get back on track, but there is a lot of filler in this.
  Also as expected as well, the acting isn't great but it's passable.  Nevertheless, the actors are really trying their best and they are dead serious in ever scene, which makes this film way more fun, at least for me.

  This was a very enjoyable film and fans of Troma & B..., maybe C-movies should really check this out.  The story has got some merit but gets iffy further in, the acting is what you'd expect but the special effects and gore are pretty decent.  So, if you're looking for something that crashes and burns on Earth but will give you a few chuckles, than take this film to yer leader.... human!

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