Saturday, 20 December 2014

Holiday Horror: Infinite Santa 8000

Infinite Santa 8000 (2013)
Director: Michael Neel
Starring:  Duane Bruce, Tara Henry, and Michael Neel
Running Time: 95 min

I need to write more about animated horror because there are a lot of great ones out there, especially form Japan, and it opens up a brand new world of terror. I found this Christmas one recently and thought how can you go wrong with Santa in a post apocalyptic world with heavy duty guns and robot reindeer? Right?

The film starts off in the year 8000, I'm assuming, and the world is a virtual wasteland.  Santa is prize fighting for food and defeats his mutant adversary for a bag of meat.  It was suppose to be two but Santa is happy with one.  Anyway, Santa head home to his
home in the desert with his mechanical reindeer and his robot daughter/friend, Martha that he rescued from the evil Dr. Shackleton.
  They eat their dinner and then are attacked by a giant bunny, who steals Martha away for Santa to bring back to Dr. Shackleton's fortress.  Santa tries to rescue her but is captured and Shackleton steals Santa's DNA. Fortunately, Santa escapes with Martha and they head home but when they arrive Shackleton sends every mutant and evil robot under the sun to destroy Santa, his home and Martha.  Even another giant bunny show up and ends up almost getting the job done.  Can Santa recover and finally stop Dr. Shackleton and his mutants from taking over the world, I think that's what he wants to do, and save Christmas or has the spirit of Christmas finally been destroyed?

  This did not have to be 95 minutes, an hour and 10 maybe.  I don't know, maybe this could work as a web series or even a game app but as a full length feature, it doesn't do it for me.  The story isn't flushed out very well and the characters are so painful to watch and listen too.  They are reading out things that should be visual and explaining obvious points.  It's maddening to watch.
  Santa can be fun at times but he seems like an idiot with a couple of good one liners.  Dr. Shackleton is the same one dimensional picture for most of the film and his issue with Santa isn't really explained.  Martha the robot is the worst, she is suppose to be cute but she just comes off, annoying and defective. I just wanted her to be destroyed the whole time.
  The battle scenes are dull, repetitive and go on waaaaaaaay to long.  And the odds, that Santa and Martha have to face are far too staked against them.  How has Dr. Shackleton not taken over the world already with an army of that size.  Which leads to an even better question, what is there left of the world to take over? Really?

  I feel bad because it looks like a lot of time and effort was put into this but I really didn't enjoy it.  There is some good animation, if you like this style, and some interesting work with the editing.
  Also, I liked the music. There is so good crushing metal that accompanies the battle scenes.

 Unfotunately, I can't get over the other aspects of this film.  The terrible story, bad characterization and the lack of humour in this film is really disappointing.  This was not for me, but check out the trailer and you may feel different.

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