Thursday, 11 December 2014

Holiday Horror: ATM (2012)

ATM (2012)
Director: David Brooks
Starring: Alice Eve, Josh Peck, and Brian Geraghty
Running Time: 90 min

 I think I may have watched this at work when it first came out but I don't remember seeing it.  There seems to be a lot of hate for this movie and now I'm really interested to see if it justified.  I never watched "Drake and Josh", Alice Eve was in "Sex and the City 2" and "The Raven", so that makes me nervous but I have liked Brian Geraghty's characters in Ray Donovan & Boardwalk Empire, so who knows maybe I'll love it!

  It's just before Christmas and David has just lost a client because the investment portfolio he created for him tanked.  The investor is obviously furious and hangs up on him.  David is choked but his wise ass friend Corey tells him not to worry about and lets David know that his office crush, Emily is leaving after today.  They joke about what a pansy David is because he can't ask Emily on a date and then head to the Christmas party.
  At the Christmas party, David and Corey are chilling out with some friends and David gets up to grab another drink.  On his way he meets up with Emily and the two of them have an awkward encounter and David misses yet another opportunity to get a date with Emily. 
  It's late and Emily, who is striking gorgeous, can't hail a cab outside of work. I guess cab drivers don't trust those hot model types, so David offers her a ride home.  She excepts and David runs up to say good bye to his friends.  Unfortunately, David forgot that he promised to drive Corey home and being a cock blocking douchebag, Corey guilts David into driving him home.
  On the way to Corey's place, Corey is complaining about being hungry and annoys David into stopping at an ATM machine, so he can get cash to get some zza, bro.  David parks far from the ATM to make Corey pay for his annoying behaviour.  He leaves and David and Emily sit awkwardly in the car together and wait.  Of course, Corey is having trouble in the ATM and David as to help him, so he leaves Emily alone in the car in an abandoned parking lot in the middle of nowhere to help his idiot friend with the ATM.  Emily gets nervous and joins the two idiots in the ATM booth.  Just when everything is all done inside the ATM and they're ready to leave, they notice a guy outside and for some reason they become scared of this person's evil intentions.
  After staring at each other for what seems to be 5 minutes the stranger outside walks over and kills a man who is walking his dog in -4 F /-19 Celsius weather at night in the middle of nowhere, which terrifies the gang inside the ATM booth.  What does this killer want? Will David and his friends ever escape, so he can fall and love with Emily and every thing will be Christmas magic or will this stranger be a Grinch and steal their pantoozlers of love?

  I didn't hate this movie as much as I was disappointed and annoyed with this it.  I had enjoyed "Buried" in 2010, which was written by Chris Sparling and I think he was trying to set up that same claustrophobic feel to this film but it just didn't work this time.  There is no reason that these people should feel trapped in this ATM and feel any serious threat by this killer before he kills the man with the dogs.  And there were so many opportunities for them to escape afterwards but none of them were taken, which I found to be incredibly frustrating.
  Also, there are far too many unrealistic set ups in this film like them not dressing properly for the cold, which is suppose to be the other fear which is that they might freeze in the ATM.  If it was really that cold out that whiny bastard Corey, played by Josh Peck (Red Dawn, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)) would not have walked all that way from where David parked the car.  He would have bitched and moaned until David drove him up to the ATM, which David would have because he is a wuss.  Or the fact that Emily, played by Alice Eve (She's Out of My League, Men in Black 3) would leave her purse in a car that won't lock properly, umm I don't think so.  Chris Sparling or director David Brooks must not have spent much time with woman before putting this together because that would have never ever happened.  You might as well have written that a unicorn came to save them because that's would be more believable than that premise or hook.
  The killer is so very meh.  It's a dude in a dark hoody, who waits outside.  If David and Corey weren't such wussies, this film would have been over in the first 15 minutes.  "Oh look there's a creepy dude outside", "Who fuckin cares, let's go", the end.  That's probably what I find most frustrating is that the main characters give up before anything happens.  How do you want to cheer for people like that, I can't.  There was two of them and they would have been able to disarm the killer or at least one of them could escape to call the police.  Also, there is no explanation to why the killer doing this. I know that not all things need to be explained and spoon fed to the audience but this just seems like a really dumb and dull way of attacking people and killing them. There is a lot of things that are also left lying around purely for the killer's convenience in the film and the car crash that happens which finally bring in the police is impossible but I don't want to ruin any of the improbable scares that this film may have. 

  I liked the ATM kiosk that they built for the film, it looked very authentic and banky.
 Also the production looks very good for this film, it's well lit and shot well but it's such a shame that it's wasted on such a drab, ho hum story with such lame unlikeable characters.

  I actually feel bad talking about this film because I can usually find something about a film that would make me laugh or a great character that would stick out in my mind but this has nothing for me at all.  It has some of the lamest characters imaginable, it's a dull story with limited killing and the situation is just so unrealistic that it drives me bananners just thinking about it.  So, if your having trouble sleeping over the holiday and the tryptophan from the turkey isn't working then throw this on and it should put you right to sleep.

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