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31 Days of Horror: Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort (2014)

Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort (2014)
Director: Valeri Milev
Starring: Anthony Ilott, Chris Jarvis, and Aqueela Zoll
Running Time: 91 min

  Well, everybody's favourite hillbilly cannibals are back for a 6th, yes people, there are six of these movies, and they are probably looking for more victims to feed on.  This is, surprisingly, the longest running new horror franchise and I blame us all for this.  I think these are a guilty pleasure for a lot of people and to tell you the truth, I didn't even mind the last film.  It had Doug Bradley, as well as some seriously gross and humorous kills. So, I'm little excited to see what the boys have been up to.

  Danny has inherited a spa/hotel in the hills of the Appalachians from a mysterious Aunt. So his hot girlfriend, Toni and an excessive number of his friends have decided to go with him to check it out and offer up moral support.  It's hard on folks when they inherit a hotel from someone they never knew. However, Danny, who was a stockbroker, had made some bad decisions in the past and lost a lot of people's money, which in turn lost him a lot friends and his job.  He seems really depressed and is looking for a new opportunity in his life and if this doesn't pan out, who knows what he'll do, right?
  Anyway, the Danny and this gaggle of friends arrive at the spa and are greeted by the hotel staff, a brother and sister duo, Jackson and Sally who seem to be closer than a brother and sister should.  They are also as surprised as we are about the amount of friends Danny has brought to take a look at the hotel, but there is room in the hotel since the touristy season is over.  They give everybody a quick tour of the hotel and Jackson invites Danny out to go hunting and so they can talk.  Much to the disappointment of Toni, Danny agrees to go and ditches all the people he came with to go hunting with his new best friend, Jackson.
  While hunting, Jackson gives him this whole spiel about family and Danny is just eating it up.  He kills a doe, a deer, a female deer and this starts a bond between them.  Meanwhile, back at the hotel, Toni and some members of Danny's entourage are exploring more of the hotel and find a hidden creepy sex room with a table with stirrups in the centre and a peanut gallery for people to watch.  Toni feels really uncomfortable and is made to feel even more uncomfortable when she finds out that Sally was listening to them talk shit about her, her brother and there hillbilly background.  Toni starts wondering what the real motive is behind them bringing Danny up here and sends an interchangeable, secondary character to bring Danny back from his hunting expedition.  
  Unfortunately, this character discovers that the are not alone in the forest and spots one of the cannibal brothers dealing with, sadly, a dead animal and gets frightened.  As he is running away, he knocks over Danny into a bush of barbwire.  They get Danny back to the hotel and Sally "tends" to his wounds and basically throws herself at Danny.  Toni arrives just before they start making out and is now more concerned about the intentions of Jackson and Sally.
  Eventually, people start going missing, Danny never wants to leave and he has to make a choice between his new family and hillbilly cannibal friends or his old life.  Can Danny make the right choice for himself or will his hillbilly cousins make the choice for him?

  Well, this is certainly a different take on this series than the last two outings and it seems like Three Fingers, Sawtooth and One Eye take a back seat to this story.  **SPOILERS** Sure, there are a couple of memorable kills, like the female cyclist with barbwire at the beginning, the bitchy entourage girl being pulled apart or the nerdy pot smoking friend, who has a fire hose shoved up his ass and has his stomach explode but the brothers don't seem to be the main focus of this film. **ENDSPOILERS**  Which is sad, because I think that writer/director Declan O'Brien (Joyride 3, Wrong Turn 4,5) used humour, exceptionally gory scenes and had a stronger focus on these characters that kept this franchise alive.  Director Valeri Milev (Re-Kill, Code Red) and writer Frank H. Woodward (Black Forest, Men In Suits) have distanced the audience again from them and made it more about these fleeting characters that nobody gives a shit about.  I wasn't excited about this film because I wanted to know if Danny was going to find a new family.  What I wanted to see was these cannibal brothers back a messing people up.
  Also, there is a considerable amount of sex in this movie, that is really unnecessary and the scenes go on way to long.  I like sex and violence, but there were times when I thought I was watching a soft core porn and it reminded me of Joe D'Amato's "Emmanuel and the Last Cannibals", which is more enjoyable.  **SPOILERS** I get it that Sally and Jackson brought Danny down there to help repopulate the hillbilly tribe but we don't need to see Sally pawing at herself all the time and the "love" scenes are just so excessive.  Also, the last scene, couldn't that just have been left to the audiences imagination.**ENDSPOILER**  This is the most sexual Wrong Turn movie that I've seen and that's not why people watch these films.
 Finally, there is a story here but it's a very lackluster one.  Danny's character is sad, pathetic and I don't know why understand why he's looking for a new family.  Was he an orphan, where is his mom and dad?  Wouldn't his biological family help him out here?  His friends are all generic characters and frankly, they all look the same to me.  I wasn't sure who was who a lot of the time.  Is that his girlfriend Toni's handsome brother the filmmaker, or is it Danny's handsome friend the archivist, or is it the handsome evil boyfriend, who Danny lost all the money in the stock market, so why the fuck is that guy even there.  The only friend I recognize was the guy who smoked pot all the time.  Which is another generic character into itself, but at least he was recognizable.  Also, what relevancy do the cannibal brothers have here?  Outside of being part of the "family", they have nothing to do with the story.  They are filler and seem tacked on, which wrecks the whole point of this being a Wrong Turn film.

  Shit! I forgot the make-up for the brothers wasn't even that great!  Especially for Three Fingers!  Was Three Fingers tanning all summer?  Saw Tooth and One Eye, they weren't even on camera long enough to notice how they were done up.  I know that there are slight changes with the look of the characters as each film progressed, but this is probably the worst that I can remember.  The work on the death's and other stuff were good but I can't believe how far off the mark they were on the main characters of this over all series.

The special features on the Blu-ray are pretty weak as well.  There is the "Inheritance" video, with the character Jackson inviting Danny to come see the hotel/spa and telling him about this windfall.
  Also, there is a piece called "All the Kills in Them Hills", which shows all the kill scenes of all the Wrong Turn films and lets you know how many people were killed in each film.  At the end, it shows you which film had the most kills. **SPOILER** It's not this one. **ENDSPOILER**
  Finally, there is a featurette called "Hobb Springs: A Place to Rest... In Peace", which is a look behind the scenes and it talks to the actors about the project.  It's somewhat interesting and gives you some insight to why this film turned out the way it did.

  This isn't a horrible movie but it feels like a bit of a bait and switch.  This feels like somebody had written a horror movie and then shoehorned the cannibal brothers into it, just so that it would get made.  In this film, I feel that the brothers are the side dish, not the main entree and in a cannibal movie series, I want a full course of their disturbing diabolical disemboweling deeds.  This a disappointing film for the series and I hope any future endeavors will be put the focus back to where it belongs.  These dudes killing and eating people.

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