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Cabin Fever: Patient Zero (2014)

Cabin Fever: Patient Zero (2014)
Director: Kaare Andrews
Starring: Sean Astin, Currie Graham and Ryan Donowho
Running Time: 91 min

I will admit it, I liked the other two Cabin Fever films.  I though the first one was great and the second one was kind of silly but it had some good gruesome moments.  So when I heard a third one was coming out, I was secretly excited.  However, I wasn't familiar with anyone connected to this film with the exceptiion of everyone's favourite goonie/Rudy/hobbit, Sean Astin, so I didn't really know what to expect.

The film starts with the "government" burning down areas the forest that have the virus and some agents find a man, who is unaffected but is a carrier of the virus.  He is captured and brought to a secret island off the coast of the Dominic Republic, where Dr. Edwards, not a mad scientist but he seems angry, is trying to find a cure for the virus with his two scantily clad assistants.  He considers Foster to be patient zero and has him caged in a clear box but Foster refuses to help him and Dr. Edwards tells him he doesn't have a choice, then Edwards begins his experiments on Foster against his will.
  In story B, Marcus is getting married in a couple of days and is late picking up his friend, Dobbs for a rehearsal brunch.  They arrive in time for the brunch and Marcus's fiance seems fine with it but her parents are little more uptight.  After a speech, Marcus visits his friends' table, which includes Dobbs, his brother Josh and a Josh's girlfriend, Penny.  Marcus asks them to chill a bit because they're getting a little rowdy and Josh invites Marcus down to the boatyard for a surprise.  Meanwhile in story A, Foster has built himself a shack inside his glass cage and cuts his hand because he wants to use the virus as a weapon that will help him escape, so he can see his family.  The guards try to call his bluff and Foster kills one of the guards and infects him.  They get the guard out of Fosters' cell and into another cell, so Dr. Edwards can test the serum.  Dr. Edwards also calls for a 2 day quarantine of all unessential personnel into a locked room in their underground bunker.
  Josh, Penny and Dobbs bring Marcus and his fiance down to boatyard and surprise him with an awesome yacht trip to a deserted island for a wicked bachelor party in the middle of nowhere! Hoo ray?!  No girls allowed though, except for Penny, so Marcus says good bye to his fiance and they head out for an awesome party weekend!  On the boat, they're drinking and fishing and giving Marcus their comical wedding gifts.  Eventually they get to the island and tell the captain of the yacht that they will see him tomorrow and paddle off to the mysterious deserted island.  When they get there, Josh and Penny got snorkeling while Dobbs and Marcus get high and set up camp.  While snorkeling, Penny discovers a graveyard of fish and it freaks her out.  Her and Josh leave the water and Penny tries to explain what she saw but everyone tells her not to worry about it.  She goes to her tent and discovers that she got cut while swimming.  As the time goes on, she starts getting sicker and Josh realizes that he has similar rashes and oozy cuts.  Have Penny and Josh become infected and will the start to ooze like others before them, or will Marcus and his friends find Dr. Edwards in time with a cure that will save them and the rest of humanity?!?!

  This was a pretty good movie and director Kaare Andrews (Altitude, The ABC's of Death) does a decent job with the third installment of the franchise.  It's pretty much what you would expect from a Cabin Fever film.  There are a lot of people freaking out with a lot of really well done gory make up effects.  For me, the high point in the whole film is the cat fight between the Penny and one of the doctors assistants.  Both have been infected for a while and they're just dripping with bloody goo, so when they battle it's pretty disgusting and pretty sweet.
  Sean Astin  (Encino Man, Stay Cool), plays the Foster, patient zero, and does an exceptional job.  He plays the character well and is probably the most interesting character out of the bunch.  The other actors are still good but they're mostly playing stock characters.  Mitch Ryan (Groupie, Missionary) plays the Marcus,  he's the groom and wants to settle down, Brando Eaton (Balls Out!, Alvin & The Chipmunks) is the jock brother Josh, who is a pain in the ass or Ryan Donowho (Altitude, Transit) who plays Dobbs, the best friend.  These guys are good in these roles and it's not a dig on them because they are playing what the script calls for but we've seen these guys a hundred times before.  Also, director Andrews does something interesting at the end during the credits that I thought was kind of cool.  So, now you have to stay for the credits.

  As for issues with the film, there isn't anything really wrong with this film other than it's this is a pretty standard horror movie.  There are some really good things in this but there I don't know if I would watch it again. 
   Also, this is a complaint I've had with most new horror films, which is that none of the characters are really that likeable and most of the time, I just want to see them die an extremely bloody death.  These characters aren't as bad as some but I did smile as each of the characters started to drop like flies.

For a third film in a franchise series, this film is pretty sweet.  Director Andrews does an good job reinventing a fresh situation for this outbreak  but these characters are a little stale and predictable.  It's a good film with gruesome special effects and some good scares that will definitely contaminate the theaters with terror and will have you blistering with fear, so try not to get any in the popcorn.

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  1. I need to see this, Altitude was great, too. What would these movies be w/o poor decision making talents by our main characters?