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All Guts, All Gory! 5 Low Budget Horror Films!

**Please note that there may be spoilers throughout the blog**

  I've been in a gory mood all month and I've tracked down some of the most disturbing gory films out there that I haven't touched on yet.  You can tell right away that these films didn't have the budget size, like Dead Alive, Hellrasier or even Evil Dead 2 but you can tell where the director/producer wanted to put the money and thank their twisted little hearts it was into the gore!  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't but these are definitely some of the most bizarre and unsettling films out there.

Here are 5 Gory Low Budget Horror Films:

5. Begotten (1990) - A very strange looking woman/man/thing eviscerates herself/himself/thingself in a dilapidated old house.  Then the she/he/thing shits herself/himself/thingself and dies but it produces another lady in its blood and shit.  This new woman, then works the dead things' unit and impregnates herself with it's love juice.  The woman then goes for a walk in the forest, has a baby and is attacked by faceless monks, who start tearing her and her son apart for the rest of the film.
  Called "one of the 10 most important films of modern times.", I would have to disagree.  For me, this is an art house movie gone bad.  Sure the first 5 minutes are some what bearable, which is the goriest parts but the rest of the film is so tedious that it is painful.  It just drones on with close up after close up, in this black and white haze on your screen that you really can't see what is happening. I didn't enjoy the look, the sound or anything about this film and at the end, I really wished I could get that 72 minutes back.  If you make it to the credits, you'll find out that it's God, Mother Earth and her son.  Apparently this was part of a trilogy by director E. Elias Merhige whose other work, like Shadow of a Vampire and Suspect Zero, I've enjoyed but I'm really glad this is one of the last scripts he wrote. This film may be on almost every list for disturbing films but I would leave this one for last or only watch it out if you want to complete a list.

4. Slaughtered Vomit Dolls (2006) - This appears to be a collection of tapes, edited poorly by a serial killer about his hobby, in which he kills hookers, strippers and runaways.  It is a jumbled dull mess of shitty hooker talk, gory endings for these ladies and a lot of people throwing up for some reason that I may have missed.
  This was almost as painful to watch as the Begotten because it doesn't go anywhere but at least there are a few pretty decent gore scene throughout.  I've never seen anyone get the top of their melon chopped off and then have someone vomit in it.  So, bravo!  Outside of the violence, this film is painfully dull and I don't know if director Lucifer Valentine (Slow Puke Chamber, Black Metal Veins) is trying to make a point that these were somebodies' children at some point and through the institutional learning systems like school and religion, these girls were abused and their paths have changed into this terrible lifestyle, but if this is the point, at least do it interestingly.  There is no story here, it's just gross out shit to be gross.  Again, this film is on many internet "disturbing films" lists but you should really only watch this one before you watch the Begotten.

3. Wizard of Gore (1970) - TV talk show hostess, Sherry Carson and her sports journalist boyfriend, Jack head out for their hot date to a magic show.  Not just any magic show but to see Montag the Magnificent, who likes to bring members of his audiences up and pulverize their insides with chainsaws, whole punchers and a myriad of weaponry.  After this gruesome show, Sherry and Jack head over to their favourite restaurant to eat but when they get there, they find the place surround by the police and learn that somebody has been murdered there!  Bummed they decide to go to eat somewhere else but not before Sherry gets a chance to touch the dead body.  Eww!
  The next day, Jack sees the picture of the victim in the paper and recognizes her from the Montag show, what a coincidence.  Sherry decides that she wants Montag as a guest on her afternoon television talk show because gruesome feats of magic is what every housewife in America wanted to see in 1970. Am I right!  Anyway she goes to the theatre, tells Montag that she reall enjoyed the show last night and would love to give him some national exposure on her show.  This, of course, infuriates Montag and he refuses to be on her show, but tells her to come back tonight and watch the new disgusting feat of magic.  So he can prove what a great magician he is! ?... Confused, she does go back the next night and drags Jack with her to see the show.  Another volunteer is eviscerated in Montags' trick but again the volunteer appears to be fine afterwards.  Jack and Sherry go home and make love, cuz there is nothing sexier than watching people get mutilated at a magic show.  The next day, Jack finds out another girl has been murdered and she was the volunteer in Montag's show last night.  Jack puts on his super sleuth hat and goes to the police.  Can these murders be connected with Montag or is this a murderous slight of hand that a murderer is murdering to?
  Finally a story!  This is a classic Hershel Gordon Lewis (2000 Maniacs, Bloodfeast) film and it really pushed the boundaries in the early 1970's.  You wouldn't know it now, but these were some of the most realistic death scenes available at the time.  There are some tremendously gory scenes during the magic shows that will make you quiver and shake but like a lot H.G. Lewis films the story is really secondary to the gore.  The acting isn't great either, but it makes for fun evening to watch and will probably have you laughing as the story reaches for some sort of conclusion.  This is a terrific film and should be watched by any gorehound.

2. The Dead Next Door (1989) - There has been a zombie apocalypse and in the city of Akron, Ohio there is a crack "Zombie Squad" out there collecting and destroying the undead.  Fortunately a scientist, Dr. Moulsson, may have found a cure for this epidemic and enlists the "Zombie Squad" to protect him and go out to a weird town to do some research.  Led by Raimi, this team heads out of town to work on a cure but they are attack by a religious cult, who want to protect the zombies!  Can Raimi and his team find a cure and save the world or will the be stopped by a vicious gang of bible thumpin zombie lovers?
  This movie, was produced by Sam Raimi but under the name "The Master Cylinder" and was shot on Super 8, so it's not the best looking film.  The script is so full of holes that it has Swiss cheese calling it to hang out but it does have a lot of cool bloody scenes.  Like zombies being decapitated, endless shot of it squirting blood and a lot of the "Dawn of Dead" stomach guts scenes, which look good anytime.  The story is terrible and the audio isn't really that great but if you're looking for something fun, quirky and lots of blood, then this may be for you.

1. Premutos - Der Gerfallene Engel (1997) - Soooooo, at the beginning of the film, there is a huge battle scene set in the earlier centuries. A Satanic Cult is trying to resurrect Premutos, the fallen angel and I'm guessing the villagers are trying to stop them.  In it are a fantastic series of gory scenes and Premutos is resurrected but then he is defeated.  Then, fast forward to sometime in the 1800, even though there is a radio in some these scenes, a man has concocted a way to bring the dead back to life and puts his research in a book called, "The Premutos".  However, the rest of the villagers don't like his experiments, so this man buries his book in the backyard just before the villagers storm his house and kill him in a gruesome manner.
  Fast forward again to "The Present" and Matthias is on his bike, riding home and gets hit by a car.  He is teleported to the 1200's and talks to a woman carrying a decapitated head.  He wakes up back in "The Present" and gets home quickly.  It's his step dad Walters' birthday and Walter lets Matthias skip his chores to go play soccer.  Walter goes to the back yard and starts digging in his garden and guess what he finds in the ground, "The Premutos".  He can't read it, so he gives it to Matthais to read after he gets back from a literally ball busting soccer game.  Walter, his wife and their friends come over to celebrate his birthday and get drunk.  Matthias reads "The Premutos" aloud and raises the dead.  Has Walters' birthday party been ruined by zombies or has Walter found another way to bring his friends and family together?
  This movie is one of the goriest movies I've ever seen but it is so poorly written, I had no idea what was going on for most of it.  There is so much exposition and it seems like it doesn't relate to most of the story or just gets muddled in the various plot lines that are going on.  There ends up being a secondary story line that eventually Shanghai's the first story line with Matthias but it isn't any better.   
  However, what saves this film is the now awesomely bloody this things is.  This may have been director/writer/special effects Olaf Ittenbach (The Burning Moon, Dard Divorce) first film but his special effect were totally top notch.  This is just as bloody, if not more bloody than Dead Alive or anything else I've seen.  There are tons of bodies splattering, zombie smashing and people exploding with blood everywhere!  This is a film that you have to watch, it has everything! (except a coherent story line)   You can laugh at the nonsensical scripting and bad acting but you have to give the film it's due for the special effects.  It's soooo crazy! Go watch it!

  These films may not have not name actors or even scripts that make any sense but they do have some of the most gruesome, blood soaked scenes that I've seen in a while and sometimes that just what a person needs at the end of long day.

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