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5 Great Canadian Slasher Films

**Please note that there may be spoilers throughout the blog**

  Growing up in the eighties in Canada has given me a lot of great memories.  I remember watching reruns of the Hilarious House of Frightenstein before having to go to school and running to the local store to pick up whatever horror films they had for a night chills and thrills. 
  The 80's were the high point of the slasher genre and we may have lesser known maniacs but they're just as terrifying as anywhere else in the world, eh. 

Here are 5 Great Canadian Slasher Films:

5. Curtains (1983) - Famed actress Samantha Sherwood is brought to a mental institution by her director and friend, Jonathan Stryker. Stryker has claimed that Samantha is a danger to herself and everybody around her and when he speaks to head doctor of the sanitarium, Samantha attacks him with a letter opener.  This seals the deal and the doctor grabs the rubber stamp that says "Crazy" and stamps Samantha's forehead but before Stryker leaves, he asks the doctor to be alone with Samantha to say good-bye.  When the doctor leaves, Stryker and Samantha start laughing because this is just a ruse, so Samantha can learn about crazy people for her next role, an insane woman named Audra(?). (They never tell you what the movie or character is about)
  Unfortunately, Samantha adapts too well to the environment of madhouse, which allows Stryker to eventually stop visiting Samantha and he sets up auditions for six women at this chateau over the weekend.  This enrages Samantha , so she busts out of the sanitarium and goes to find Stryker and demand the role be given to her.  At the chateau, not all the girls seem to have made it to the audition but that's okay because Samantha arrives and like a dog with a bone, demands the role.  Stryker tells her, she can audition with the rest of them.  Samantha walks off in a humph and the rest of the girls talk about the what they would do to get the part.  The next day, teach of the girls slowly start disappearing because someone in an ugly old woman mask is killing them off.  Who will survive the audition and get the role or will they all get hacked even before they start shooting any of the scenes.
  This was alright but the editing was pretty crazy.  It seems that director Richard Ciupka left a lot of scenes on the cutting room floor.  There are a few characters that just show up and don't get developed and then fall off the screen into oblivion.  Like, the woman who helped Sherwood escape the mental institution and Matthew, who is introduced at dinner and then winds up dead in a montage. It's very weird.  The script seems mixed up and has a hard time deciding which character it wants to focus on and flits around without any rhyme or reason. There was a girl at the table who I think didn't have a line in the whole film and a chase scene with someone, who I didn't even know was still alive.  The movie didn't explain the Audra role at all, which would have maybe explained why everybody was so crazy.
   However, I liked John Vernon (Animal House, The Sub-Mariner (voice)) as the "Stryker" character and Samantha Eggar (The Brood, The Exterminator) was excellent as Sherwood but I think Lynne Griffith (Black Christmas, The Littlest Hobo) really stole the movie as Patti O'Connor, the comedian, whose over all goal was to be an famous actress.  She is just so versatile in this film and I think this is one of her best performances outside of Strange Brew.  There were some good death scenes, especially the figure skating one.  The ending is a little contrived and wraps up really quickly.  Lynne Griffith remembers that Ciupka shot an alternate ending with the cast but it's hasn't seen the light of day.  Not a great movie, but if you're looking for something fun and cheap, then you may enjoy this.

4. Humongous (1982) - It's Labor Day in 1946 and the Parson's are throwing a party on their island.  Daughter, Ida Parsons is tired of the same drunk douchebag hitting on her and excuses herself.  She heads out to the forest area but the drunk ass follows her and rapes her.  Luckily, her dogs break loose and kill the guy but it's too late for Ida, she can't wear white not more.
  Thirty six years later, brothers Nick and Eric are taking their family's boat out for the weekend with their girlfriends, Sandy and Donna and their little sister, Carla.  Before they leave Donna breaks up with Nick but she still goes on the trip because she's friends with Sandy. Awkward.  Nick is jealous of Eric because Nick is considered the screw up of the family and hates Eric for being such a goody two shoes.  So this sounds like it's going to be a fun vacation for everybody.
  The gang hits the waters and it's good most of the time with exception of the constant pissing contest between Eric and Nick.  Night falls and they see a man on the water whose boat has capsized.  They rescue the man, Bert and he tells them the wild tales of Dog Island.  Bert tells them about Ida Parson's and how she never leaves the island, except for food and has savage dogs everywhere guarding the island to protect her.  As Bert is telling his stories, they gang can hear the howling of dogs and this freaks Nick out!  Nick tries to drive the boat out of the area but he's to close to shore and fucks up the boat.  Everybody evacuates the boat before it explodes but they lose Carla in the mix.  When they reach the island, Bert has a broken leg and everyone is pissed at Nick because he's a fucking tool and got them stranded on the island.  To make it up to everybody, Nick searches the island to find a phone or someone to help them.  Unfortunately, all he finds is an empty boat house and a monster who wants to eat him.
  The next morning, Eric and Sandy search for Nick and anyone who can help them off this island.  They leave Bert and Donna alone and Donna ends up stripping to keep Bert warm?  However, Bert isn't the only person sticking something in Donna because the monster skewers them were they lay.  Eric and Sandy have better luck because not only do they find the old Parson's place but Carla too. Yeah, you didn't drown!  In the Parson's place they find a lot of dust, dead dogs, a Ida's diary, which talks briefly about her having a child.  They keep searching the house and find Nick's body! The freak out and then the monster attacks them!  Luckily, they get away from the monster but night is falling it sounds like that monster is hungry!  Can Eric, Sandy and Carla get off the island, that's only a mile from the rest civilization or are they doomed to be doggy treats for Ida's monster child?
  This was an interesting movie, it had a lot of good elements but I don't know it really paid off in the end.  I thought it was funny that none of the characters seemed to like each other at the beginning but they all still wanted to go on a vacation together.  I would have liked to see more of the actual monster but he was shot in the dark and it was hard to see the horror of his monstrosity.  There were some decent kills though, the monster crushed a head and that's always fun but a lot of the third act was just people running around in the dark.  Alright film and worth having a watch when you have an axe to grind.

3. Visiting Hours (1982) - During a heated segment on her TV show, Deborah Ballin unwittingly  incurs the wrath of station janitor and all around psychopath, Colt Hawker, who is taking a break from his job and watching the segment from the floor.  Apparently, during his spare time he enjoys writing numerous angry letters to newspapers and killing old people to make his skull collages.  Anyway, Colt has a murder boner for Deborah and sneaks into her house one night after work.  He tries to stab her to death but she survives and makes a new best friend at the hospital with nurse Sheila.
  However, Colt doesn't give up and tries to take another crack at her at the hospital.  Unfortunately,  he kills the wrong patient because Deborah's been moved to another room but he kills a nurse to stress a point.  Don't fuck with Colt.  When nurse Sheila finds the dead nurse, the hospital goes on full alert and the police realize this wasn't a random attack on a local celebrity.  Will the police every be able to find Colt and stop him or will Deborah become another story on the six o clock news? 
  Probably the best movie that Michael Ironside (Scanners, The Littlest Hobo) and William Shatner (Osmosis Jones, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home) have ever been in together.  Michael Ironside plays Colt and Shatner plays the Deborah's boss, Gary Baylor and both give pretty good performances.  Deborah is played by Lee Grant (Shampoo, Mulholland Dr.) and the Nurse Sheila is played by Linda Purl, who has been seen lately in The Office and Homeland.  It's a good role for Ironside because he had that creepy vibe in the 80's but what's disappointing in this film is his character's inability to actually kill people under the age of 60. He got lucky with the nurse but as a murderer, his character fails horribly almost ever time.  The script allows the character to come up with these incredible plans on how to reach his target but he never seems to be able to finish the job and it's not a lack of opportunity.  Who knows? There are some pretty intense scenes when Ironside comes in stocking his victims and that will leave you on the edge of your seat.
  This was on the famous Video Nasties list, maybe I didn't see the right version because the gore isn't that extreme at all but there is enough to be enjoyable.  The ending is a little confusing because Deborah seems to run away for the police instead of to them but the end, end is good.  If you like Michael Ironside's villainous smile than this is a film that is a cut above the others and worth having a look at.

2. Prom Night (1980) - Like most kids in the 80's, Wendy, Kelly, Nick and Jude are playing a version of hide and go seek called "The Killers are coming" in an abandon building.  Unfortunately, Robin Hammond stumbles upon their game while waiting for her older sister, Kim to run back to school because she forgot something.  The other kids don't seem to like Robin and scare her right out of a second story window!  The kids freak out and wonder if Robin is going to be alright and then a pane of glass falls off the building and lands on Robin's throat.  I guess not. Sad but not sad enough to get into trouble, the group of friends promise to never speak of this again and run home to watch cartoons or Alice or something. Maybe Three's Company?
  Six years later, it's the morning before Prom and the anniversary of Robin's death. Kim, her brother, Alex and their principal father, Mr. Hammond all head to school with heavy hearts.  The police find out the person, who was convicted of killing Robin has escaped and killed a nurse during his transfer to another mental institution and he's returning to Haddonfie, I mean, he's returning to wherever this is taking place to get revenge on somebody.  Just after the police find out, Wendy, Kelly, Nick and Jude all get mysterious phone calls from a creepy dude but they dismiss the calls thinking it's the school thug Lou playing a trick on them.  Anyway, not everybody are BBF's like they were when they were 11 and Nick is turning to dump Wendy so he can date Kim but he still hasn't told her those 4 magic words, "I Killed Your Sister".  Still, they're going to the Prom together and relationships need time. Jude gets picked up like a hooker on the street by van driving jokester, named Seymour "Slick"Crane and Kelly and her horn dog boyfriend are going to the Prom together.  Wendy is going with Lou and they have some revenge to dish out "Carrie" style to Kim and Nick.
  Anyway, the prom night finally arrives and people start disappearing and winding up dead.  Will the truth ever come out about Robin's death or will the secret die with them all.
  This is a real classic.  There are some really good elements in this like, Jamie Lee Curtis (Love Boat, Halloween) who plays Kim and Leslie Nielson (Airplane, Creepshow) who plays her father.  The story is good with a lot of twists that director Paul Lynch brings the audience through and there is some very good gore scenes throughout the film. I think it drags a little in the middle but not enough to hurt the film.  I, also like the idea of the one police officer hanging out at the Prom.  He just seems creepy and a bit of a pervo.  Terrific ending and if I went to my prom, I would have hoped it ended like this.  Great film, it's totally worth watching and it's great stab at teen horror.

1. My Bloody Valentine (1981) -The small mining town of Valentine's Bluff is getting ready to have their first Valentine Day's dance in over twenty years.  See, twenty one years ago, there was an accident at the mine because the two supervisors knocked off early to go to the Valentine's Day dance.  The accident caused 4 men to die and the fifth only survived by eating the other 4 men.  His name was Harry Warden and he warned the town never to have the dance again or he would have his revenge. The town didn't listen to his pleas and a year later, the dance was back on, so Harry cut out the hearts of the two supervisors who caused the accident and put them into heart shape boxes.  He then dropped the boxes off at the dance and was immediately arrested, sent to an insane asylum and they never had a dance again.
  Until now!  It's been twenty years and the everyone who works in the mine is putting up decorations and excited about the dance.  The mayor leaves the hall after checking in on the festivities and is given a box of chocolates that has his name on it.  On the drive back to the office with the sheriff, he opens the box to find a human heart!  Has Harry returned to stop another dance and cock block the men of Valentine's Bluff or will the mayor and sheriff be able to stop him this time before he turns this Valentine's day red, with blood!
  This was my favourite out of the this bunch films.  Maybe it's because I grew up in a small mining town but there is something aboot the dialogue that seems natural and authentic to me.  The story is really well done and I really like the character, Harry Warden. I'm surprised that this didn't have a follow up to this because the ending leaves it wide open.  The kill scenes were also very good and think the effects team did a bang up job on this film.  Great film and a must see for any horror fan.

  So, head on down to the Mac's and grab a couple bags of ketchup chips.  Throw in some of these fine Canadian Slasher films and enjoy.  At the end of the movies, look at your fingers and pray that their red from just the chips!

(On a side note, most of the actors and actresses in these films were on the Littlest Hobo at one time.  I thought that was funny.)

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Big Top of Horror! 5 Scary Circus Films

**Please note that there may be spoilers throughout the blog**

I loved the circus when I was younger and I think that I was lucky enough to experience the last end wave of the circus as displayed in these films.  This is when the circus was larger than life; a genuine big top of excitement filled with thrills and chilling terror!  Who knew what went on behind those three rings? 

From Big Top of Horror! Here are 5 Scary Circus Films:

5. Pyscho-Circus (aka Circus of Fear) (1966) - After a daring robbery, Mason is instructed by his mysterious boss to take the money and bring it to an old farmhouse.  Mason does has he's told and when he arrives at the farmhouse, he is murdered by a throwing knife in the back.  The police are on the case though, Inspector Elliot has rounded up most of the crew but Mason, a strange loner called Hart and the boss.  Also, he has traced some of the bills that have been spent and has discovered that the trail ends at a circus storage area where the Berberini circus is getting ready for their winter season. 
  Unfortunately, there is more drama at this circus that can fit in three rings.  The Lion tamer, Gregor where's a mask because he was in a accident a few years ago. He works with his niece, who's father killed another performer there and he has escaped from prison.  There is a little person, who's blackmailing Gregor but we don't know why.  Mario the knife thrower, his girlfriend may be sleeping with the killer, who is she trying to protect? Bodies are turning up right left and center and the Carl the ringmaster doesn't know what to do.  They need Jerry Springer more than the police.  Can Inspector Elliot find the killer before this big top goes under?
  This is seems to be more of a crime thriller than a true horror movie.  The police play such a large part in the story that it gets in the way of the circus element of the story.  I enjoyed Leo Genn (Frightmare, Die Screaming Marianne) as Inspector Elliot but we didn't need to see him reporting ever new piece of information to his superior.  I would have rather spent more time with Christopher Lee (Dracula, The Stupids) as the masked Gregor and his subplots with his daughter and why he was being blackmailed.  Again the story is a decent heist type story but the murders are too pedestrian to really call them horror.  This is a passable whodunnit at best and is worth a watch if you like the sound of Christopher Lee's voice.    

4. Circus of Horror (1960) After completely botching Evelyn Morley's plastic surgery, Dr. Rossiter tries to make a run for it from the local authority.  Unfortunately, on the way to meet his assistants, a brother and sister duo, Martin and Angela, Dr. Rossiter runs down a police officer at a roadblock and ends up crashing his car off a cliff. Yes, he has a fiery crash off a cliff but he is still able to drag his carcass to the hotel room and have his assistants perform surgery on his face.  He also changes his name to Schuler, so he can start a new life away and not go to jail.
  After a couple of days recovering, the trio decide to high tail it out of there and on the way through "somewhere" in France, they come a across a 10 year old girl, Nicole, who has hideous scares from the war.  Her father owns the shitty circus and Dr. Schuler begins to develop an evil scheme, well kind of evil.  He speaks to Nicole's father, Mr. Vanet, the owner of the circus and offers to work on Nicole's face if he can be a silent partner in the circus.  He promises to not only restore Nicole's beautiful face but to turn the circus into the best Big Top ever!  Vanet agrees, what does he have to  lose?  Dr. Schuler performs the surgery and it's a success but just as everything is looking up, Vanet drunkenly decides to dance with a bear and is murdered! By the Bear!  Now, Schuler can hatch his kind of evil plan, which is to find other people who commit crimes and change their faces so they can escape the police but will have to work in his circus or he'll turn them in.  It's a little convoluted but...
  Ten years later, Dr. Schuler has the best circus in the world!  Unfortunately, his star performer wants to leave.  Dr. Schuler won't have it and murders her like all the other performers that have tried to leave.  This brings around a nosy reporter, who starts dating a number of the lady performers to get the dirt on Schuler.  Can Dr. Schuler keep his surgically altered poker face or will it fall apart when the heat is turned up?
  This was okay, there are a lot of good aspects to the story.  I like the idea that these criminals can create new identities just by running off with the circus. I really don't think it's realistic to think that their scars can heal that fast and that they can become these incredible circus performers in such a short time.  It's a bit of a streeeeeeetch, but it's a movie.  With that aside, I think Anton Diffring (Fahrenheit 456, Where Eagle Dare) does a good job playing the evil mastermind, Dr. Rossiter.  Even this cohorts, Jane Hylton (The Manster, Dear Murder) and Kenneth Griffith (The Prisoner(TV), Revenge) are good in this as well.  Hell, Donald Pleasant (Halloween) shows up for a little bit as Vanet.  The violence is pretty tame and the accidents aren't anything to right home about.  There are some good special effects on the criminal faces before surgery, especially the Melina character whose face was burned by her husband.  The ending is a little drawn out but definitely satisfying and you don't want to miss a big top come crashing down on this villain.  

3. Freaks (1932) - Cleopatra, a gorgeous trapeze artist likes to flirt with Hans, a sideshow little person and have him buy her things like flowers and Champagne.  This infuriates Hans's fiancee, Frieda and she goes to Cleopatra's trailer to tell her to cut it out.  While there, she spills the beans about Hans has inherited a lot of money and gets Cleopatra's evil brain working.  Cleopatra and her strongman boyfriend, Hercules decide that she should marry Hans and then kill him for the money!  Fortunately during the wedding reception, Cleopatra shows her true colours by mocking and insulting Hans and his sideshow family.  Can they stop Cleopatra and Hercules from killing Hans and what kind of retribution will they receive from messing with the code of the circus?
  This was such a controversial film when it was first released and was the beginning of the end for Tod Browning's career.  Originally 90 minutes the studio cut it to just over an hour after some horrible screen tests, one woman was going to sue the studio because she claimed that the film caused her to have a miscarriage.  Browning used real circus people, instead of using make up and effects, which to me makes the movie more real and enjoyable.  I like the movie and I think that it's disappointing that almost 30 minutes of this film has been lost and will never be seen.  The story is simple but there are so many interesting characters that it's hard not to like this film.  Unfortunately, most of the gory scenes were cut, like the castration of Hercules or Cleopatra's feet melting but there are some very intense moments near the end.  The original ending is good but the suits at MGM wanted something a bit "Happier" so they tacked their own ending as well.  Still a great film for any fans of Browning, for people who like classic films or for any folks who love the bizarre.  Gooble Gabble! 

2. Berserk (1967) - During his tight rope act, Gasper the Great's tight rope snaps and somehow wraps around his neck, which hangs him! To Death!  Ringmistress and part owner of the circus, Monica Rivers has him cut down and the police come to question her later in her trailer.  Later on, her business partner,  Dorando can't believe how callous, Monica is behaving towards Gasper's death.  She says that it is tragic but this disaster will put more asses in their seats.
  Coincidentally the next night, Frank Hawkins has come to speak with Monica about working for her.  He is a tight rope walker from Canada with an act that will knock her socks off, eh.  After seeing his act, she hires him and gives him top billing!  Dorando is furious with Monica for how much she is paying Hawkins and lets them know.  That night, Monica sneaks into Dorando's office and burns her agreement with Dorando, which dissolves their partnership.  Just as the papers start burning, Monica is called to the tents, where she discovers that Dorando is dead.
  The other performers are terrified, the police are finding out secrets about Monica and her daughter, Angela has just been kicked out of boarding school!  What's Monica to do!  Will the police be able to find the killer before anymore performers fall prey to "accidents" or will the killer continue to decimate the circus until he or she gets what she really wants?
 This was better the second time I saw it.  Joan Crawford is really good as Monica, the ringmistress and I wish Michael Gough (Horror Hospital, Batman) was in this a little bit longer as Dorando.  He and Crawford made a nice team and played well against each other, watch Trog!  The film drags a little bit and the story sometimes loses focus.  Director Jim O'Connolly ( The Valley of Gwangi, Horror of Snape Island) fills a lot of lag time with circus footage of dogs dancing, elephant acts and my favourite a parade that includes Batman and Robin.  This mystery should have been solved quicker with those two.  Anyway, there are a few death but nothing gory or out of ordinary.  The ending is the only thing that comes out of left field and I don't know if it actually makes sense.  Not the best Joan Crawford horror film but it's better  than Trog.

1. Vampire Circus (1972) - It's a beautiful day, Albert Muller is relaxing outside when he sees his wife, Anna abducting a child and bringing her to the castle of the evil Count Mitterhaus.  He chases her there but it's too late and he can't get in.  So he rallies the town together to help him save the child!  Unfortunately, the townsfolk spend way too much time bickering about whether to save the child or not and by the time they decide to go, Count Mitterhaus has already killed the girl and has had sex with Anna.  When they finally arrive, they realize the Mitterhaus is a vampire and after an awkward battle, Muller puts a stake through Mitterhaus's heart with the help from the town's Burgermeister.  Before he dies, Mitterhaus puts a curse on the town and tells them he will return from the grave via the blood of their children.  Anna escapes with the corpse and retreats to a cave, where the not quite dead Mitterhaus tells her to talk to his cousin, Emil because he'll know what to do.
  15 years later, the village is ravaged by a plague and the townsfolk think that this is the Mitterhaus's curse.  Dr. Kersh assures them that it's not the curse and if he could get past the barricades, (the village has been barricaded so the infection cannot spread across the country) then he could get the proper medicine.  The Burgermeister and Muller agree to send the doctor to get find a treatment for the town sickness.  While the doctor is gone, a circus comes to town and sets up shop to entertain the disheartened villagers.  Unfortunately, it's Mitterhaus's cousin Emil's circus and he has come for revenge!  Will the village survive another vampire attack or will Emil resurrect his cousin and destroy his enemies and their children and their children's children... !?
  This was an interesting Hammer film.  It has a lot of the Gothic elements that we've come to expect from Hammer but I was surprised at how far they would push the elements of the story.  There was a surprising amount children killing in this, which is different because even though children are threatened and in harms way, most of the time they survive, no matter how annoying.  Also, there seemed to be more sexy scenes than I remember in most Hammer films but I'm not complaining, I was just surprised.  Lots of good vampire kills and I liked the twist at the end.  If you like old school vampires than you should definitely check this one out. 

Compared to the circuses of today, these films seem like relics from another time or place.  Cirque du Soleil and even the new school Ringling Bros have little or no animals and most of the thrills come from trapeze acts performing incredible feats of choreographed wonder. And although the sawdust and smells have been sanitized, who knows what evil lurks in the backstage of a circus tent eating cotton candy spun on a cone of terror. 

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5 Fearsome Father Films

**Please note that there may be spoilers throughout the blog**

Most dads just want their kids to be happy, healthy and safe.  And like the mama bear, if the safety of the child is threatened then who knows what extremes a father will go to protect, fix or get justice for their child.
Here are 5 Fearsome Father Films:

5. Nobody Gets Out Alive (2013) - Some teenagers are partying in the woods, gettin' their drink on and havin' a good time.  When a couple of them decide to go for a ride and end up running over a little girl with their car.  Her father, Hunter seeing it but not having enough time to save her.
  I'm assuming some years later, Jenn is finally being released from a mental institution because her depression is better.  While at home, her parents nag her to get out of the house and do some something with her friends.  You just got out of a mental institution, go and party in that creepy wooded area, they say.  So, she breaks down and calls her friends, who just happen to be planning a camping trip into the creepy wooded area.
  On the way, they stop at an abandoned store and run into two douche bags, who they almost get into a fight over nothing.  Luckily, clearer minds prevail and they grab their beer and get to their camp site.  When they arrive, a crazy old man jabbers some shit about them going to die but they ignore it.  Finally, it's camping time and one of the guys tells everybody the terrible story about Hunter.  How drunk teens killed his daughter and how he came to live in these woods, so he could kill any teenagers drinking here.  Everyone is scared but not that scared to have sex and they all head back to their tents to do it.
  The next morning, some of Jenn's friends are missing and they spend the day looking for them.  Eventually, they find one of their friends dead body and they all run back to the camp.  Unfortunately, their camp is trashed and the car doesn't work.  Can Jenn and the rest of her friends escape this madman in the woods or our they going part of another camp fire tale?
  I was surprised that Clint Howard show up in this, but not that surprised as the movie progressed, and I realized how bad this film was .  I wasn't expecting too much from this film and I wasn't really that disappointed by it.  There is nobody to root for in this movie, no likable characters not even Jenn's parents are decent, who tells their kid to go to the woods where a suspected killer is or where a rash of murders have occurred?  Thanks mom and dad!  The story is pretty dumb and it would make more sense if these were the kids who ran over the guy's daughter instead of just a random group of kids.  The acting isn't good and it isn't even so bad that it makes you laugh.  The effects were alright from what I remember but it takes so long to get there.  May have to pass on this one.

4. The Awful Dr. Orlof (aka Gritos en la noche) (1962) - Dr. Orlof is on the town with his lady friend and asks her to come back to his place.  When they arrive at an abandoned chateau, Orlof's assistant Morpho scares the bejesus out of her and knocks her out.  Dr. Orlof and Morpho throw the girl on a boat and float to Dr, Orlof's real house, where he grafts the girls skin to help save the face of his daughter who was burned horribly in a fire. Worst date ever.
  The next day, Inspector Tanner is going to work fresh from his vacation and look what he's brought back with him, it's bigger than a pineapple, it's a fiancee! While on his week vacation, he met a woman, Wanda and he's finally ready to tie the knot.  He gets to work and learns that while he's been away, there is a madman on the loose, killing girls and taking their skin.  Can Inspector Tanner stop Dr. Orlof before his crazy experiments kill all the women of France or will Dr. Orlof get his revenge on society and finally fix his daughter?
  I think this is one of the late Jesus Franco's (RIP)(Vampyros Lesbos, Succubus) most cohesive films that I've ever seen.  Unlike, Oasis of Zombies and Zombie Lake, which are incredible fun movies to watch but they seem lack a fully thought out storyline.  Franco brings here a classic horror tale very similar to "Eyes Without a Face" but just not as polished.  There are parts of the movie that drag a bit but the eerie mood of the film is never lost.  Howard Vernon (Delicatessen, Zombie Lake) is perfect for the role of Dr. Orlof and later reprises the role in two sequels.  I was surprised by the lack of nudity in a Jesus Franco film but doesn't disappoint near the end.  Anyway, it's a good horror if you're looking for something on a rainy day.

3. Macabre (1958) - Dr. Rod Barrett isn't a really a good doctor and because of his negligence, he has lost not only his wife, who died giving birth to his daughter while he was with his lady friend, Sylvie Stevens and more recently lost his blind sister in law, in a car accident because he wasn't able to save her.  There are a lot of people in town, who are upset with Barrett, so when his daughter goes missing, no one knows where to start looking.
  Fortunately, a man calls and tells his nurse/secretary/other lady friend, Nancy that he has buried his daughter alive and they only have 5 hours to find her before she runs out of oxygen.  Can Dr. Barrett and Nancy find his daughter in time and find the fiend that has captured her?
  This William Castle film was one of his first dips into the horror pool, which he followed up with "House on Haunted Hill".  Also, it was the first film where Castle started using promotional gimmicks, like giving theatre goers a thousand dollar life insurance policy just in case the person died of fright. He also, had ushers dressed in surgical grab walking the aisles with an ambulance outside waiting.  I had none of this at my house when I watched this film but I still really enjoyed the movie.  The story is a little hokey and could use some tightening up on the script but it was still a pretty intense flick.  There are so many good twists in this movie and the ending is played out very well.  William Prince (Spies Like Us, Network) is excellent as Barrett and Jim Backus (Gilligan's Island, voice of Mr. Magoo) shows a darker side playing Police Chief Jim Tyloe, who seems to be out to get Barrett.  Although this isn't a bloodfest, there are some creepy special effects and there are a few people on screen, who fall prey to the killer.  This is a suspenseful yarn, great for any fan of old school horror.

2. The Last House on the Left (2009) - It is a dark and stormy night, the evil criminal Krug is being transferred to another prison.  While waiting for a train to pass, a truck T-bones the police cruiser and Krug's family breaks him out of Johnny Law's clutches.
  On the other side of town, Mari and her mother, Emma head over to the hospital to pick up her father, Dr. John and head out on vacation.  They head out to their family's cottage on the lake and right away Mari runs down to the lake because she is a swimmer.  Hooray!  After her swim, she gets changed and to her mother's disappointment wants to go hang out with her friend, Paige.  Dr. John flips Mari the keys to the car and she heads out for some teenage fun in a one horse town.
  She heads down to the convenience store where Paige works and they chat about how lame the town is.  Paige tells Mari that she wants to get some weed after work but doesn't know where to get any.  Luckily, a creepy kid named Justin says he has some "primo bud" back at his hotel room and he can hook the ladies up.
  I guess the store closed early that day, cuz Paige and Mari head over to Justin's hotel room to get stoned.  Unfortunately while getting high, Justin's father, Krug and the rest of his family arrive.  They are not too happy and kidnap the girls.  They know that people are looking for them, so they take Mari's car and drive deep into the forest.  The girls try to escape and end up crashing the car, but aren't lucky enough because the are caught by Krug and he's pissed.  Krug and his brother, Francis kill Paige and then Krug rapes Mari, to teach her a lesson.  When he finishes, Mari tries to escape again and tries to swim home but Krug shoots her and leaves her for dead in the river.  Another storm is coming, so Krug and his crew try to find shelter from the rain.
  Meanwhile, Dr. John and Emma are starting to worry about Mari, when there is a knock on the door.  It's Krug and friends, who claim they had an accident and need some help.  Dr. John fixes up their wounds and offers them the guest house to stay the night.  Unfortunately, Justin notices a picture of Mari on the fridge and kind of freaks out.  Justin leaves the chain he stole from Mari on the counter before they head up to the guest house.  After they leave, there is a banging outside and John goes to see what it is.  When he opens the door, he finds Mari beaten and bruised!  He brings her inside, removes the bullet and realizes that she's been raped!  Emma sees the chain on the counter and the two of them put it together.  Will Krug and his family get the justice they deserve or will they kill Mari's parents as well?
  I thought I was going to totally hate this movie, being a remake and all but it wasn't that bad, especially after seeing how some of my favourite horror films have gotten butchered lately.  This was a by the numbers remake of the original only a little more tamer.  The key players, Garrett Dillahunt, Sara Paxton, Riki Lindhome and Arron Paul were good.  The rape scene in this, was just as unsettling as in the first film.  It may not be as gratuitous as the first one but it should leave a knot in your stomach.  The revenge portion of the film is good.  There is plenty of blood splatter and I really enjoyed Aaron Paul's death scene.  **SPOILER**My issue with this remake is that some people didn't die, who I thought should have died, like in the original.  I feel that certain characters needed to die to drive home the plot or deserved it for initiating things, like in the original.  It didn't feel complete for me.**SPOILEREND**  Also, I felt that the ending was decent but they could have taken it a step further.  The  studio really neutered this version of Wes Craven's first film but it has it's moments and isn't the worst remake that I've seen.     

1. Horseman (2008) - Christian Forteski's daughter has died of a heroin overdose.  Christian is upset but he's dealing with it pretty well until he gets a mysterious package in the mail.  He opens the package and finds a porno tape inside with his dead daughter on the cover.  He watches the tape and sees that she looks drugged while she is performing these sexual acts on a group of men.  He tracks down the supplier of the tapes and through the ancient art of torture finds out who else was there so he can find out what happened to his daughter.  The supplier can only give him a couple of names and Christian kills the supplier.  This starts his odyssey of violence to find the men who killed his little girl and get revenge for his family.
  I really enjoyed this film and I'd have to agree with writer/director Steven Kastrissios, "that the brutality is essential to the story".  Right from the start, Christian, played by Peter Marshall is just beating people to a bloody pulp and the intensity doesn't really let up, until about half way through the film.  Then it's a slight breather and back to a barrage of violence.  It's pretty crazy.  The character, Christian uses a number of torture techniques that are appropriate for his revenge.  Once he has his victim subdued, he questions them and threatens their genitalia until he gets the answers.  It's quite disturbing and made me wince a few times.  Great film and definitely something to watch for all the  fathers out there.

So if your dad yells at you or gives you a hard time about being safer when you go out, think about these films because he may be right.  There are a lot of dangerous people out there and one of the most frightening is a father hunting for their child with a passion for violence.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

5 Disturbing Films from the Lists on IMDB

**Please note that there may be spoilers throughout the blog**

  Over the last year and a half, I've really come to appreciate disturbing films.  I've always enjoyed horror movies and I thought that I had handle on crazy shit after seeing a few bad ass films like Cannibal Holocaust, Last House on the Left (original), some crazy Japanese titles but now I realize that I wasn't even close.
 After watching titles like "A Serbian Film", "Salo", "Visitor Q" or even the "August Mordum" titles, I found that there is a world of fucked up that I needed to explore.  So over time while searching for films, I've come across lists on IMDB that claim to have the most disturbing, the most twisted, violent, disgusting films.  I would try to focus on these titles and watch them but some are harder to find then others and sometimes fitting them into a list can be difficult.  However. there are a few of them that keep showing up on most of the lists, so I thought I'd take 5 titles that keep appearing and see how graphic we could get.

Here are 5 Disturbing Films from the lists of IMDB

5. The Last House on Dead End Street (1977) - After a year in jail for drug possession, Terry Hawkins returns to society with a chip on his shoulder and wants to get revenge on the people who put him there.  So, he finds an abandon building and decides to make snuff films with some of his friends.  He gets in touch with a porno director with a nympho wife and a producer with a clientele who enjoy the grotesque and bizarre.  They like Terry's film and end up ripping Terry off and not paying him.  So, now Terry has more revenge to dish out and kidnaps the Producer, the director and his wife to make a new snuff film!
  I have to admit that I was swayed by the title of this one, the "Last House" bit really suckered me in but I'm a little disappointed.  This film takes soooooooo long to get to anything good that when the good scenes finally arrive, I just didn't care anymore.  Don't get me wrong the end is pretty brutal with this Mansonesque gang carving people up but there is no reason to care because the people being carved up should be carved up.  The story is pretty dull, and it might be the version I watched but the picture looks like shit.  They try and throw some sexy scenes as filler before the violence erupts but they end up making sex look lame.  So, if you watch this, save yourself some time and watch the last 20 minutes of the film because it's the only interesting part.

4. Gini Piggu 2: Chiniku no Hana (Flower of Flesh and Blood) (1985) - While on a late night stroll, a woman is chloroformed and when she wakes up she is tied to a table.  A strange man wearing a samurai helmet then starts to cut her up, piece by piece.  Can she escape this raving lunatic?
  Well, this was definitely better than the first, Gini Piggu movie.  Still the same concept but it gets down to business right away.  No more punching and kicking, it gets into the chop chop quick.  This film is extremely graphic and the special effects team did a fantastic job putting these gruesome pieces together...well, taking them apart, depends how you look at it.  There isn't really a plot, outside of a guy who likes to cut up people but if that's what you're looking for then, you should really watch this.

3. Aftermath (1994) - A mortician at a morgue takes violent liberties on a female corpse. How far will he go?
  This isn't a full length film and only runs about 30 minutes but it is on a number of these lists and has been recommended to me, so I thought I would check it out.  Again, like Gini Piggu 2, there isn't really a story here either but the work done by the special effects team is really remarkable.  Watching the morticians open up the corpses and pull the organs, actually made me wince at times.  Also, when the one mortician is left alone with the female corpse, those scenes left me with a some very unsettling feelings.  Would I watch this again, probably not but I think that if you enjoy disturbing cinema and have a half an hour to burn, you should definitely check this out.

2. Angst (aka Fear) (1983) - After a number of years in prison for murder, this man is released and sent on his way.  He stops a for some lunch and starts planning his next murder.  He has his victims in mind, two young girls sitting at the other end of the bar from him but he has no place to do it.  He finishes his lunch and catches a cab but while in the cab, his urge to kill becomes so strong that he tries to strangle the cabbie.  She gets away from him and he makes a mad dash into the forest.  Once he feels far enough away from the cabbie, he slows down and discovers a mansion with high gates.  He feels that this place would be perfect to kill people and goes onto the grounds to investigate.  It seems abandoned, so he smashes his way into the house, only to find a mentally and physically disabled man there alone.  He hears a car pull up and an old woman and her daughter start bringing in the groceries.  Now that the man has three more victims to play with will he be able to control his homicidal urges or will this man take this mansion for his own and fulfill this twisted fantasies?
  I think this film was well done.  The killer played by Erwin Leder (Underworld, Das Boot) is a very interesting character and he seems to explain using voice over, how he came to be the killer that he is.  For a film done in 1983, the camera work looks very modern, thanks to Academy Award winning cinematographer Zbigniew Rybczyński, who does some really cool things with some scenes.  There is some serious violence in this film but not as much as I expected.  Which is fine because the real "Fear" is watching this killer and not knowing what he's going to do next and how far will he go with his intended victims.  I found it to be a bit of a psychological roller coaster.  I can understand why director Gasper Noe (Irreversible, Enter the Void) has cited this film has an inspiration and you will too after watching it.

1. Schramm: Into the Mind of a Serial Killer (1994) - Lothar Schramm is lying in a pool of his own blood and is remembering the last few days of his life and what led up to him dying on the floor of his own apartment.  Lothar was a the taxi cab driver, wonderful neighbour and a serial killer that the papers called the Lipstick Killer.  He remembers his last few kills and helping the prostitute next door.  What led to this man's demise, you'll have to watch and see.
  Although, there were a ton of disturbing images in this film, I thought this film was kind of fun.  There was the murders of course, some necrophilia, penis mutilation but my absolute favourite was the little vagina monster creature that would show up now and then.  It was gross but kind of funny in a demented way.  The film is slow paced but there are some many weird things going on that you don't really notice.  The acting is fine, nothing incredible but what you would expect from a rather good B-movie.  The effects are good and simple, which makes it more believable.  The tone is dark and the soundtrack works well with the film.  Definitely worth a watch if your looking for something dark and disturbing.

These titles are really the tip of the iceberg and I'm sure there are more extreme films than these but what all these titles have are writers and directors pushing the boundaries of horror.  Taking on taboos that you can't see anywhere else with films that really make our skin crawl.  These films have left images and questions that will not be soon forgotten or ever answered, like how many nails does a foreskin really need?  Who uses white paint to cover up bloody spatter and how many jars of body parts is really enough?  I guess we'll never know.

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5 Bloody Bride Movies

**Please note that there may be spoilers throughout the blog**

They say that there's somebody out there for everybody, but I don't know if this statement was intended for monsters and creatures of the night.  As these movies demonstrate, even vampires that don't sparkle or the things that are stitched together with pieces of rotting flesh get lonely sometimes.  So when they think they've found that special somebody, usually cowering in a corner or being put together on a laboratory table, then they know it's time to pop the question.

Here are 5 Bloody Bride Movies

5. (REC 3) Genesis (2012) - It's Clara and Koldo's wedding day and everyone's come to celebrate.  They have a beautiful ceremony and are having a wonderful reception.  People are singing, dancing and having a good time until Koldo's Uncle falls from the balcony and crashes into a table of, let's say cheeses.  However, it looks like he's ok until he starts eating Koldo's Aunt's face. Worst appetizer ever!  This, of course leads to a least a dozen dead looking people bursting out of nowhere in the hall and attacking all the guests.  It's like a flash mob of death, which is actually more entertaining than a regular flash mob.
  Anyway, Clara and Koldo get split up and must fight they're way out of probably the worst wedding reception ever.  They don't know if the other is alive for sure but they can feel that they are and neither will leave the grounds without the other. Is that true love or what?  Can the young couple fight the undead and finally be reunited or are they destined to be just another cold item on the entree list of their own wedding guests?  
  This was a really different kind of (REC) movie.  Most noticeable is that they dropped the whole found footage look to the film, when the zombie/demons attack, it turns into a regular film.  Also, the tone of the film has switched from a heavy handed horror tale to a gory horror comedy.  Which works in some aspects, like when the Clara picks up a chainsaw and starts mowing down the undead but doesn't work when you have the Koldo and his friend dressing up as knights to battle the demons.  It's as if the writers had just watched Evil Dead or Dead Alive, instead of the earlier (REC) films.  For the most part, I thought it was ok and liked the idea of the wedding guests being swarmed instead of the monotonous build up where people got picked off one by one.  Also, there are a lot of great gory scenes with all sorts of weaponry.  Again, the humour is hit or miss and the ending is alright.   I think if your a diehard fan of the (REC) series then this may be your Halloween 3 and I would try to avoid it but if you're looking for something a little lighter and like girls wielding chainsaws then you might dig it. 

4. The Brides of Dracula (1960) - A young french school teacher, Marianne Danielle is traveling across Europe to her new job in Transylvania.  Unfortunately, she gets ditched by her coachmen and is forced to spend the night at the local inn.  While there, she is offered a place to stay by the Baroness Meinster, who has a castle just down the road.  Marianne ignores the warnings of the town folk and decides to go with the Baroness.  Once Marianne is settled in her room, she sees a handsome young man chained to the room across from her balcony.  He begs her to come over and visit him; so she does and the young man explains the he is Baron Meinster and that his mother the Baroness is loopy and has him locked up.  He pleads with her to find the key and release him from his chain.  Marianne feels bad for him and thinks, what the hell, and says that she'll do it.  She sneaks into the Baroness's room and steals the key to set the Baron free.  Marianne gives the Baron the key, not knowing that she has released an evil onto the countryside, until after he escapes.  Isn't that always the way.  Greta the servant, finds Marianne and forces her to look at the body of the Baroness which the Baron has already drained; then Great goes into hysterics and Marianne flees the castle.
  Fortunately, the next day she is discovered on the side of the road by Dr. Van Helsing but Marianne has lost her memory from the night before and doesn't know how she got their.  Van Helsing offers her a lift to work but he has to make one stop at the local inn.  When they get there the innkeeper and his wife are pleased to find Marianne safe but are sad because a local girl was murdered in the night.  Dr. Van Helsing offers to look at the body and discovers a bite mark on the girls neck.  He whisks Marianne to her place of employment, an all girls school and then rushes back to the inn to meet with local priest, Father Stepnik.  Father Stepnik explains the strange goings on at the Meinster castle and Van Helsing sets up a watch on the local girl who recently died.  That night, the local girl rises from the dead and Baron Meinster is there waiting but so is Van Helsing!  There is a short battle but Meinster and his minion escape the justice of Van Helsing.
  However, Meinster hasn't gone too far because he has taken a liking to Marianne and has gone to visit her at the all girls school.  During his brief visit, he pops the question and although she has only met him once and doesn't remember the whole night, she accepts his proposal.(?)  Will Marianne ever have a memorable night with her fiance or will Van Helsing break them up in the name of all that is holy before they consecrate their vows!
  This is a decent sequel, that's not really a sequel.  Director Terrence Fisher (Mummy, The Curse of Frankenstein) returns to Transylvania with Peter Cushing (Shock Waves, Asylum) as the ace vampire hunter, Dr. Van Helsing.  Unfortunately, although the title implies, Dracula doesn't return in this film which is a little disappointing but David Peel does an alright job as a back up bat boy.  It has all the Gothic touches that we've come to love from Hammer films, great sets, terrific costumes and beautiful maidens waiting to get rescued.  There isn't a lot of bloodshed but there are some tasteful death scenes.  The ending is rather compelling to watch, all though it's a bit of a head scratcher and leap into disbelief lake but it's still enjoyable.  If you like classic horrors and vampires that don't sparkle then you'll probably dig this.

3. Bride of the Re-Animator (1993) - Eight months after the "Miskatonic Massacre", Dr. Dan Cain and Dr. Herbert West are in Peru saving lives from rebel forces, well at least Dr. Cain is trying to.  Dr. West is still working on his serum to bring people back from the dead and just as he has a breakthrough, rebels storm his tent! West and Cain flee from the tent, back to Arkham with West's next step in mind and lizard under his arm.
  They return to their old jobs as doctors at the Miskatonic University hospital and buy a creepy old funeral parlor to live in.  West soon discovers that all the evidence from the "Miskatonic Massacre" is still at the hospital, including the heart of Dan Cain's fiancee Megan Halsey.  West decides that he wants to bring those crazy kids together again, piece by piece.  So, body parts start to go missing and when Dan finds out what Herbert is doing, he becomes furious.  However after Herbert explains that it's Megan's heart that he's using and he just wants Dan to be happy; Dan concedes and works with Herbert again on building the girl of his dreams.
  Everything would be fine and dandy but a cop, Lt. Leslie Chapham has his nose out of joint about his wife, being one of the re-animated creature from the earlier mentioned massacre and he's found the last clue that has brought him to the hospital.  He visits Dr. Graves, a pathologist and gives him the head of Dr. Carl Hill to be put in the evidence room.  Chapman, then goes to talk with Herbert and Cain to see what they're up too.  Their meeting doesn't go well and Chapman decides to keep an eye on them.
  Also, Dr. Graves has found an old vile of Dr. West's serum and has been experimenting with it on the head of Dr. Hill!  Now that Dr. Hill's head is alive, kind of, he wants revenge and forces Dr. Graves to help him destroy Dr. West.
  And if this couldn't get worse, Dan made (not created, met) a new lady friend from Peru, Francesca and she's just moved up to Arkham to be with him.  Unfortunately, she doesn't know Herbert is tinkering on a love interest for Dan.  Will Dan ever find a love interest that Herbert won't want to use for spare parts and will Herbert escape the clutches of not only Lt. Chapman but his arch nemesis, Dr. Hill as well?
  Director Brian Yuzna (Society, Necronomicon) does a wonderful job with the follow up to the Re-Animator.  He seems to have the same sense of dark humour as director Stuart Gordon (Re-Animator, From Beyond) and brings a number of intriguing creatures to life for audiences to cover their eyes too.  Jeffery Combs (From Beyond, Would You Rather) is brilliant again as Herbert West, the obsessive doctor with the god complex.  Also, returning is Bruce Abbot (Bad Dreams, Trance) has Dan Cain and David Gale (Savage Weekend) as everyone's favourite bad guy, Dr. Hill.  Lots of gruesome scenes and unusual things built by a number of special effects teams.  It's a fun movie with a little bit of something for everyone!

2. Bride of Chucky (1998) - Tiffany, former girlfriend of Charles Lee Ray (Chucky), has the remains of everyone's favourite Good Guy doll stolen from the police lock up.  She murders the officer helping her and brings the doll home and stitches it together.  Once it's ready, using her "Voodoo for Dummies" (I'm sad this doesn't exist) she evokes the spirit world to bring Chucky to life!  And after a few minutes, nothing happens so she gives up and her useless goth/wannabe killer boyfriend, Damien shows up at her trailer.  While listening to his nonsense, she notices that Chucky isn't on the floor anymore.  Pleased, she lures Damien into the bedroom, chains him to the bed and lets Chucky have his way with him.  Unfortunately, after the kill she learns that Chucky doesn't want to get married to her and she locks him up in a playpen.
  The next day while moving Damien's body out of her house with a trunk, she runs into her neighbour, Jesse.  Jesse has his own problems because he loves his girlfriend, Jade but her uncle, Warren who's the chief of police won't let them be together.  That's a bummer and Tiffany gives him some motherly wisdom and gets Jesse to load the heavy trunk into her car.  When Tiffany gets back from dumping the body, she has a soak in the bath tub.  Chucky finally breaks out of his playpen prison and electrocutes Tiffany in her bathtub.  Before she dies, he then evokes the spirits and puts Tiffany's soul into one of her dolls!  Tiffany is pissed and demands to know how they can get out of this predicament.  Chucky tells her that they have to get the amulet that he was wearing the night he was killed, that is buried in his grave in New Jersey.
  So it's road trip time, Tiffany calls Jesse and he agrees to deliver the dolls for a thousand dollars.  Jesse tells Jade that this is their chance to escape Warren and the small town.  Jade agrees and four of them hit the road.  Unfortunately, once they leave Tiffany and Chucky can't resist their murderous nature and go on a killing spree that the police believe is being committed by Jade and Jesse.  Will Jade & Jesse ever find out the truth or will they end up going down like Bonnie & Clyde?
  I really love this movie and I think this is one of Jennifer Tilly's, who plays Tiffany, best roles of her career.  She's funny, beautiful and as a doll she is downright terrifying.  Director Ronnie Yu took an older franchise and was able to pump new life into it by adding some dark comedy elements but still remained true to the series.  Like Scream, he plays with the 4th wall and even gives a nod at the beginning of the film to some of horror's greatest maniacs.  I forgot that Katherine Heigl and John Ritter were in this and the latter shows a strong performance as well.  There are tons of good kill scenes, which makes it bloody fun to watch.  Brad Dourif and Jennifer Tilly have such great chemistry together doing the voices that they make the doll's really come alive.  Also, hats off to the special effects team who created the dolls because they looked great and were flawless for every scene.  So, if you're looking for a gory comedy to watch with someone you love this should be it.

1. Bride of Frankenstein (1935) - Just as the fiery windmill comes crashing down, Henry Frankenstein, believed to be dead is brought back to his castle.  His fiance, Elizabeth runs down the stairs and throws herself on to him, but luckily Henry Frankenstein is actually alive and just needs some time to recoup.  However, the Monster that the villagers thought they killed made it through too and after killing a couple of local gawkers is caught by the police and jailed.  Unfortunately, no chains can hold him down and with a quick pull, the chains break and the monster storms through the jailhouse to freedom.
  While on the run, the monster hears some music, which leads him to the cottage of a blind man playing a violin.  The blind man welcomes him in, offers him food and starts teaching the Monster how to talk.  The monster learns about friendship, drinking wine and smoking cigars, what more does a bachelor need to know.  Unfortunately, during a jam session some locals come to see where the music is coming from and discover the monster.  Like any good concert, the monster ends up burning the cottage down and he escapes the villagers wrath once again.
  Meanwhile, Frankenstein is recovering but an old colleague, Dr. Pretorius comes to visit to ask him for some help on a project that he's working on.  Dr. Pretorius also wants to create life from dead things and has done so in a small entertaining way but wants to build a creature like Frankenstein did.  He has created a brain and now he just needs the other parts but Frankenstein refuses and tells Pretorius that he is done messing around with nature and playing god.
  So like anyone else after being rejected, Dr. Pretorius puts his head into his work and goes grave robbing but even that doesn't cheer him up.  He asks his henchman to leave the crypt and laments over a bottle of wine and a good cigar.  And guess whose there? Frankenstein's monster!  Who joins Dr. Pretorius for a bit of wine and a smoke, then tells him all his monster problems. (In a monster voice) Lonely, argh, no friends argh (end monster voice) and this gives Dr. Pretorius an idea, which  makes Pretorius the best wingman ever. He decides that they should make the monster a lady friend!
With the new plan ready to go, they kidnap Frankenstein's fiance and force him to help create a wife for the monster.  Will this work and catch on faster than the dating sites on the internet or will their plan blow up in their face like the last time Frankenstein built a person out of dead things.
  James Whale, Boris Karloff, Colin Clive and even Dwight Frye return in this fantastic sequel to Mary Shelly's Frankenstein.  Even make up master, Jack Pierce returned to work on the unforgettable face of Frankenstein.  Like many of the sequels here, the tone of the picture shifts a little and adds more of a dark comic effect, which doesn't take away for the film at all.  There isn't much violence in the film but it's eluded to in that classic horror sense.  Great movie and a must see for anyone who appreciates classic horror.

After watching these films, one can see that love isn't guaranteed even if you are able build your own mate.  Maybe relationships can't be sewn together from bits of dead ones and looking for that someone can take time, so don't rush into anything because you don't want to end up with a Frankenhooker.