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5 Fearsome Father Films

**Please note that there may be spoilers throughout the blog**

Most dads just want their kids to be happy, healthy and safe.  And like the mama bear, if the safety of the child is threatened then who knows what extremes a father will go to protect, fix or get justice for their child.
Here are 5 Fearsome Father Films:

5. Nobody Gets Out Alive (2013) - Some teenagers are partying in the woods, gettin' their drink on and havin' a good time.  When a couple of them decide to go for a ride and end up running over a little girl with their car.  Her father, Hunter seeing it but not having enough time to save her.
  I'm assuming some years later, Jenn is finally being released from a mental institution because her depression is better.  While at home, her parents nag her to get out of the house and do some something with her friends.  You just got out of a mental institution, go and party in that creepy wooded area, they say.  So, she breaks down and calls her friends, who just happen to be planning a camping trip into the creepy wooded area.
  On the way, they stop at an abandoned store and run into two douche bags, who they almost get into a fight over nothing.  Luckily, clearer minds prevail and they grab their beer and get to their camp site.  When they arrive, a crazy old man jabbers some shit about them going to die but they ignore it.  Finally, it's camping time and one of the guys tells everybody the terrible story about Hunter.  How drunk teens killed his daughter and how he came to live in these woods, so he could kill any teenagers drinking here.  Everyone is scared but not that scared to have sex and they all head back to their tents to do it.
  The next morning, some of Jenn's friends are missing and they spend the day looking for them.  Eventually, they find one of their friends dead body and they all run back to the camp.  Unfortunately, their camp is trashed and the car doesn't work.  Can Jenn and the rest of her friends escape this madman in the woods or our they going part of another camp fire tale?
  I was surprised that Clint Howard show up in this, but not that surprised as the movie progressed, and I realized how bad this film was .  I wasn't expecting too much from this film and I wasn't really that disappointed by it.  There is nobody to root for in this movie, no likable characters not even Jenn's parents are decent, who tells their kid to go to the woods where a suspected killer is or where a rash of murders have occurred?  Thanks mom and dad!  The story is pretty dumb and it would make more sense if these were the kids who ran over the guy's daughter instead of just a random group of kids.  The acting isn't good and it isn't even so bad that it makes you laugh.  The effects were alright from what I remember but it takes so long to get there.  May have to pass on this one.

4. The Awful Dr. Orlof (aka Gritos en la noche) (1962) - Dr. Orlof is on the town with his lady friend and asks her to come back to his place.  When they arrive at an abandoned chateau, Orlof's assistant Morpho scares the bejesus out of her and knocks her out.  Dr. Orlof and Morpho throw the girl on a boat and float to Dr, Orlof's real house, where he grafts the girls skin to help save the face of his daughter who was burned horribly in a fire. Worst date ever.
  The next day, Inspector Tanner is going to work fresh from his vacation and look what he's brought back with him, it's bigger than a pineapple, it's a fiancee! While on his week vacation, he met a woman, Wanda and he's finally ready to tie the knot.  He gets to work and learns that while he's been away, there is a madman on the loose, killing girls and taking their skin.  Can Inspector Tanner stop Dr. Orlof before his crazy experiments kill all the women of France or will Dr. Orlof get his revenge on society and finally fix his daughter?
  I think this is one of the late Jesus Franco's (RIP)(Vampyros Lesbos, Succubus) most cohesive films that I've ever seen.  Unlike, Oasis of Zombies and Zombie Lake, which are incredible fun movies to watch but they seem lack a fully thought out storyline.  Franco brings here a classic horror tale very similar to "Eyes Without a Face" but just not as polished.  There are parts of the movie that drag a bit but the eerie mood of the film is never lost.  Howard Vernon (Delicatessen, Zombie Lake) is perfect for the role of Dr. Orlof and later reprises the role in two sequels.  I was surprised by the lack of nudity in a Jesus Franco film but doesn't disappoint near the end.  Anyway, it's a good horror if you're looking for something on a rainy day.

3. Macabre (1958) - Dr. Rod Barrett isn't a really a good doctor and because of his negligence, he has lost not only his wife, who died giving birth to his daughter while he was with his lady friend, Sylvie Stevens and more recently lost his blind sister in law, in a car accident because he wasn't able to save her.  There are a lot of people in town, who are upset with Barrett, so when his daughter goes missing, no one knows where to start looking.
  Fortunately, a man calls and tells his nurse/secretary/other lady friend, Nancy that he has buried his daughter alive and they only have 5 hours to find her before she runs out of oxygen.  Can Dr. Barrett and Nancy find his daughter in time and find the fiend that has captured her?
  This William Castle film was one of his first dips into the horror pool, which he followed up with "House on Haunted Hill".  Also, it was the first film where Castle started using promotional gimmicks, like giving theatre goers a thousand dollar life insurance policy just in case the person died of fright. He also, had ushers dressed in surgical grab walking the aisles with an ambulance outside waiting.  I had none of this at my house when I watched this film but I still really enjoyed the movie.  The story is a little hokey and could use some tightening up on the script but it was still a pretty intense flick.  There are so many good twists in this movie and the ending is played out very well.  William Prince (Spies Like Us, Network) is excellent as Barrett and Jim Backus (Gilligan's Island, voice of Mr. Magoo) shows a darker side playing Police Chief Jim Tyloe, who seems to be out to get Barrett.  Although this isn't a bloodfest, there are some creepy special effects and there are a few people on screen, who fall prey to the killer.  This is a suspenseful yarn, great for any fan of old school horror.

2. The Last House on the Left (2009) - It is a dark and stormy night, the evil criminal Krug is being transferred to another prison.  While waiting for a train to pass, a truck T-bones the police cruiser and Krug's family breaks him out of Johnny Law's clutches.
  On the other side of town, Mari and her mother, Emma head over to the hospital to pick up her father, Dr. John and head out on vacation.  They head out to their family's cottage on the lake and right away Mari runs down to the lake because she is a swimmer.  Hooray!  After her swim, she gets changed and to her mother's disappointment wants to go hang out with her friend, Paige.  Dr. John flips Mari the keys to the car and she heads out for some teenage fun in a one horse town.
  She heads down to the convenience store where Paige works and they chat about how lame the town is.  Paige tells Mari that she wants to get some weed after work but doesn't know where to get any.  Luckily, a creepy kid named Justin says he has some "primo bud" back at his hotel room and he can hook the ladies up.
  I guess the store closed early that day, cuz Paige and Mari head over to Justin's hotel room to get stoned.  Unfortunately while getting high, Justin's father, Krug and the rest of his family arrive.  They are not too happy and kidnap the girls.  They know that people are looking for them, so they take Mari's car and drive deep into the forest.  The girls try to escape and end up crashing the car, but aren't lucky enough because the are caught by Krug and he's pissed.  Krug and his brother, Francis kill Paige and then Krug rapes Mari, to teach her a lesson.  When he finishes, Mari tries to escape again and tries to swim home but Krug shoots her and leaves her for dead in the river.  Another storm is coming, so Krug and his crew try to find shelter from the rain.
  Meanwhile, Dr. John and Emma are starting to worry about Mari, when there is a knock on the door.  It's Krug and friends, who claim they had an accident and need some help.  Dr. John fixes up their wounds and offers them the guest house to stay the night.  Unfortunately, Justin notices a picture of Mari on the fridge and kind of freaks out.  Justin leaves the chain he stole from Mari on the counter before they head up to the guest house.  After they leave, there is a banging outside and John goes to see what it is.  When he opens the door, he finds Mari beaten and bruised!  He brings her inside, removes the bullet and realizes that she's been raped!  Emma sees the chain on the counter and the two of them put it together.  Will Krug and his family get the justice they deserve or will they kill Mari's parents as well?
  I thought I was going to totally hate this movie, being a remake and all but it wasn't that bad, especially after seeing how some of my favourite horror films have gotten butchered lately.  This was a by the numbers remake of the original only a little more tamer.  The key players, Garrett Dillahunt, Sara Paxton, Riki Lindhome and Arron Paul were good.  The rape scene in this, was just as unsettling as in the first film.  It may not be as gratuitous as the first one but it should leave a knot in your stomach.  The revenge portion of the film is good.  There is plenty of blood splatter and I really enjoyed Aaron Paul's death scene.  **SPOILER**My issue with this remake is that some people didn't die, who I thought should have died, like in the original.  I feel that certain characters needed to die to drive home the plot or deserved it for initiating things, like in the original.  It didn't feel complete for me.**SPOILEREND**  Also, I felt that the ending was decent but they could have taken it a step further.  The  studio really neutered this version of Wes Craven's first film but it has it's moments and isn't the worst remake that I've seen.     

1. Horseman (2008) - Christian Forteski's daughter has died of a heroin overdose.  Christian is upset but he's dealing with it pretty well until he gets a mysterious package in the mail.  He opens the package and finds a porno tape inside with his dead daughter on the cover.  He watches the tape and sees that she looks drugged while she is performing these sexual acts on a group of men.  He tracks down the supplier of the tapes and through the ancient art of torture finds out who else was there so he can find out what happened to his daughter.  The supplier can only give him a couple of names and Christian kills the supplier.  This starts his odyssey of violence to find the men who killed his little girl and get revenge for his family.
  I really enjoyed this film and I'd have to agree with writer/director Steven Kastrissios, "that the brutality is essential to the story".  Right from the start, Christian, played by Peter Marshall is just beating people to a bloody pulp and the intensity doesn't really let up, until about half way through the film.  Then it's a slight breather and back to a barrage of violence.  It's pretty crazy.  The character, Christian uses a number of torture techniques that are appropriate for his revenge.  Once he has his victim subdued, he questions them and threatens their genitalia until he gets the answers.  It's quite disturbing and made me wince a few times.  Great film and definitely something to watch for all the  fathers out there.

So if your dad yells at you or gives you a hard time about being safer when you go out, think about these films because he may be right.  There are a lot of dangerous people out there and one of the most frightening is a father hunting for their child with a passion for violence.


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  2. Honorable mention to the David Lynch a TV show Twin Peaks?