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5 More Horror Movie Moms

**Please note that there may be spoilers throughout the blog**

Mom's can be terrific but sometimes they can be really scary!  Especially when they're trying to protect or defend their children.  We've all heard the tale of the women who lifted a car to save her baby, we'll the movies that I found, the mom's here would not only move the car but kill the driver inside as well.  These twisted moms might take it a step to far to keep their children safe whether they like it or not.

Here are 5 More Mom Horror Movies

5. Mommy (1995) - Mrs. Sterling has to go to her daughter Jessica Ann's school to talk to a teacher about Jessica Ann not winning the "Outstanding Student Award".  Even though Jessica Ann doesn't care about winning the award and is happy that the other child has won; Mrs. Sterling wants to convince the teacher to give the award to Jessica instead.  Mrs. Sterling asks Jessica to wait outside in the playground and then goes to visit the teacher.  The teacher is on a ladder hanging decorations when Mrs. Sterling walks in and starts complaining about Jessica Ann losing the award to some Mexican boy.  After hearing Mrs. Sterling complaints, the teacher tells her that the decision has been made and there isn't anything Mrs. Sterling can do about it. So, Mrs. Sterling pushes the teacher off the ladder and then breaks the teacher's neck.  Mrs. Sterling reports to the principal that she found the teacher dead when she got there and they all wait for the police.
  After they get home from talking with the police, Mrs. Sterling's sister, Beth and Mrs. Sterling's boyfriend, Mark welcome them home.  Jessica Ann thinks about how she misses her step-father and her dad because they're both dead and starts thinking maybe their deaths weren't accidents.  Over the next couple days, the police will not let on the murder investigation and the janitor tells Jessica that she is going to the police to rat out her mother.  Bad idea.  Jessica tells her mother and shortly after the janitor has an "accident".  Jessica now realizes that her mom is a killer but how can she convince her mom to stop killing people, especially the ones she loves?
  This movie just dragged on and on for me.  I really liked the premise of the child from the movie "The Bad Seed" is all grown up and having Patty McCormack reviving her character but with such a weak script, it was painful to watch.  The pacing was terrible and there were far too many emotional chats with people.  There aren't too many deaths and the ones that are here are nothing to write home about.  For such a low budget film, I was surprised at how dry the film was and the humour seemed to be sucked right out of the film.  Dull, dull film and I heard the sequel to this was worse.  For some reason, Blogger can't find this trailer, so here is a link to it.

4. Mom (1991) - Emily Dwyer is a kind old lady who lives alone and has a room to rent.  It just so happens that a blind angry vagrant named Nestor is looking for a room, so it's a perfect match!  On the first night, Emily makes a nice meal for them but Nestor tells her that he would rather eat out, but like most old ladies, Emily won't take no for an answer.  Unfortunately, Nestor is a werewolf and he attacks Emily for being pushy.  No means no, grandma!  After a few days, Emily's son, Clay gets worried about not hearing from his mom and goes to check up on her with his pregnant girlfriend, Alice.  When they get to the door, nobody answers the knock, so Clay uses his key and Nestor stops him there and asks what is he doing?  They introduce themselves and Nestor explains that Emily hasn't been feeling well lately.  Clay runs upstairs to check on his mom and he finds her in the bedroom... resting.  She apologizes for making Clay worry and she tells him how Nestor has been taking good care of her.  Clay goes downstairs, apologizes to Nestor for being an ass and then he and Alice see themselves out.
  The next night on his way home from work, Clay decides to swing by his moms place to see how she's feeling.  As he's arriving, he sees Nestor and his mom going for a drive.  He follows them downtown and watches them talking to homeless people. They take one of them for a meal and after supper, they bring the homeless person into an alley.  Clay gets out of his car and follows them, only to see his mom killing and eating the homeless person!  WTF?!  How can he stop his mom and Nestor from eating people?
  This was better than I thought it was going to be.  It's kind of quirky and fun but again it's a little longer than it should be and can drag a bit.  Jeanne Bates (Eraserhead, Mullholland Drive) is excellent as the mom and it's pretty funny to see this nice old lady attack people and eat them.  Also, Brion James (Blade Runner, The Fifth Element) is pretty great as the misunderstood werewolf.  Even though he seems to target and mutilate only pregnant women, he has a heart of gold. I think that's kind of funny.  The issue I have with the film is that it doesn't know what kind of monster it's dealing with because Nestor is a Werewolf but after he bites Emily, she's sometimes a werewolf and sometimes a ghoul.  It's weird and confusing but adds to the B-Movie laughter.   Anywhoooo, it's a fun little time waster and if you see it, you'll be pleasantly surprised.  No trailer, here's a clip.

3. Straight Jacket (1964) - Lucy Harbin returned early from a trip to find her husband in bed with another woman! Sooooo, she grabbed an axe and decapitated the both of them, not knowing that her young daughter, Carol was watching!
  20 years later, Carol has been living on a farm with Lucy's brother, Bill and his wife, Emily and has lived a pretty normal life.  She's a sculptress, has a rich boyfriend/secret fiancee, Michael and is excited that her crazy mom is coming home.  When Lucy arrives, she is nervous but after being welcomed back with loving arms by her family, she starts to settle in nicely.  Carol shows her around the farm and even takes her out shopping for a new dress and wig(?).  The next day, Carol introduces Lucy to her secret fiancee, Michael and there are some seriously awkward moments with Lucy hitting on Carol's boyfriend.  So, Carol cuts the visit short and they leave for the afternoon.  Just after the leave, Lucy's doctor from the sanitarium drops by on his way fishin' to see how she's doing.  Unfortunately, this sets Lucy off and the doctor tells Bill and Emily that he'll have to drive Lucy back to the sanitarium because she is still crazy, sorry.  Angry and afraid Lucy runs off into the farm.  While looking for Lucy, the doctor loses his head, literally because he is decapitated in the barn.  Has Lucy gone back to chopping off heads and if so, who's next?
  This was a pretty fun film.  Directed by William Castle (13 Ghosts, House on Haunted Hill) and starring Joan Crawford (Trog, Berserk), who in the later part of her career choose to do a lot of strange horror films.  No matter, she is still great in this film as a crazy woman trying to protect her daughter.  I was surprised at how violent this film is for the year it came out.  The special effects are not realistic but there are a number of decapitations that are pretty enjoyable to watch.  A young Lee Majors makes his first appearance on film in this but he's not in it very long and is uncredited.  All and all, if you like William Castle's work, you'll like this.  It has it's own charm and Joan Crawford with an axe is truly terrifying.

2. Mama (2013) - Years after his brother, Jeffery went crazy killing his ex wife, business partners and kidnapping his two daughters, Lucas has not given up the search to find them.  His cheques are starting to bounce but he has one last team of hunters looking and today is his lucky day.  These bumbling hunters end up catching a glimpse of Jeffery's abandoned car while taking a piss and follow a trail to an empty cottage sitting abreast to a beautiful lake.  They go inside and discover a mountain of cherry pits and two feral girls ready to attack them from the top of a moldy fridge.  So, they slowly back out of the house and call Lucas.
  Lucas and his musician girlfriend, Annabel go to the hospital and meet with Dr. Dreyfuss to talk about the girls, Victoria and Lilly.  After a very brief consultation, they let Lucas in to see the girls and he gives Victoria a pair of glasses that she desperately needs but survived without for 5 years.  Now that she can see, she thinks Lucas is her dad but he lets her know that he's her uncle but a bond has formed.  How touching.  Lucas and Annabel have to go to court to gain custody because the mean old Aunt doesn't think an out of work graphic artist and a musician in a small apartment downtown would be good place for these emotionally scarred girls to live right now. Bitch!  But Dr. Dreyfuss strikes a deal with them and if he can have access to the girls and study them, Lucas and Annabel can have a free house.  Deal!
  Annabel quits her band and they all move into the suburbs but once they're there, they notice that the girls are acting strange and are talking to someone or something at night.  Dr. Dreyfuss looks into this and it turns out that during the 5 years they lived alone in the woods, they came up with a "Fictional" character named Mama to look after them and Dr. Dreyfuss thinks Victoria may be pretending to be her.  However, after another session with Victoria, Dr. Dreyfuss looks into the story of Mama that Victoria told her and discovers that it could be real.  Back at the house though there's trouble!  Something or someone nearly cripples Lucas by tossing him down the stairs, so now Annabel must take care of these kids while Lucas is in a coma and she may have to fight a supernatural entity at the same time!
  I wasn't too crazy about this film.  I really like the idea but there are some issues with the story that didn't make sense and the second half of the film the director really should have gone with a less is more mentality.  I think the Mama character is good until you see her.  As a dark shadow, or a whisper in the room but when you see her, she becomes a generic monster faced creature that moves the same way monsters have to move since Ringu and it really loses it's bite factor.  Also, I noticed that even though it's night time, there is a lot of light coming from outside, which is confusing. I noticed the same thing in "Insidious" as well and it drove me nuts.  Like I said earlier, there are some creepy scenes but I feel the film loses its momentum near the middle and I really didn't like how they wrapped it up at the end.  Other people really seem to dig it, so give it a shot if you want but I just thought it could have been a lot better.

1. Mother's day (1980) - Three former college friends, Abbey, Jackie and Trina get together for their annual retreat.  This year the girls are getting out of the city and going camping.  Unfortunately, they've chosen a dangerous spot in the woods and are attacked by 2 hillbillies, Ike & Addley and stuffed into their own sleeping bags, then dragged back to their house.  Back at the house, they find the hillbillies mother pulling the strings and giving the order to her boys.  She is training the boys to be the best rapist/serial killers ever and now they have three new victims to practice with. I guess, you gotta have goals and prcatice makes perfect.  Can these city girls escape these backwoods hillbillies or are they destined to die in the beauty of nature?
  This was actually pretty good and I really enjoyed it.  It was written, directed and produced by Charlie Kaufman, bother of Lloyd Kaufman, head honcho of Troma and it not only was despised by Roger Ebert for it's violence, gore, rape and torture scenes but it also got banned from by the BBFC but wasn't considered a Video Nasty.  There isn't really anything groundbreaking, the acting isn't fantastic or the story doesn't make you want to be a better person but it's a got a a lot of violence and there is a funny twist at the end that will make you smile.  If you like Troma, this one's for you and if you don't then it's you're loss. 


After seeing these films, you realize that sure your mom can be pushy and bossy sometimes but she'll always be in your corner and at least she's not murdering people.  So send her some flowers, maybe some chocolates and give her a hug because I'm sure if you did want someone knocked off, she would loan you the shovels and have hot coffee for you after a cold night of digging a shallow grave. Thanks mom!

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