Sunday, 2 December 2012

5 Zombie Movies from Around the World

People all over the world love zombies! OK, zombie movies! The zombie is weak on it's own but as a community or horde, it's quite a devastating monster.  North America has created tons of films on the subject of the identification, classification and extermination of the North American Zombie.  But what about the rest of the world?  Do the same rules apply?  Do Spanish zombies take mid day siestas, do Japanese zombies know karate or do Australian zombies like to go down under?  Who knows? These are things we need to find out, if we want to stop the upcoming zombie apocalypse.  So with that in mind,

Here are 5 Zombie Movies from Around the World 

5. Undead (2003) - Berkeley, a small fishing town in Australia, is bombarded by meteorites causing some of the town inhabitants to become zombies.  These zombies then infect other people in the town and you know what happens.  However, former pageant winner, newly orphan and the woman who just lost the family farm, Rene has decided to leave Berkeley and has no idea that the zombie apocalypse has arrived.  Until, she is just on her way out of town with some douchebag and they have to stop because there are a few cars blocking the road.  The douchebag gets out and is eaten alive! Rene runs to the nearest house, which happens to be occupied by local loon, Marion.  Marion told everyone in town, that he was attacked by zombie fish and captured by a flying saucer a few years ago, so everyone thinks he's off his nut.  Luckily like most nuts, he's armed to the teeth and ready for war!  Be it with zombie fish, aliens or the living dead.  Just then, more people come to the door!  It's the runner up from the pageant and mother to be, Sallyanne with her boyfriend Wayne.  She seems terrified and confused about the undead but she still can't get over that she lost to Rene in the talent portion of the contest.  Alright, now we got everyone together then, let's...BANG BANG BANG! More people at the door, fuck! It's the asshole cop, Harrison and the rookie cop, Molly.  C'mon in!  So now the cast is assembled, what are we missing... zombies!  The zombies breakdown the doors, attack everyone and in Night of the Living Dead tradition the living head downstairs to the basement.  Fighting tooth & nail they get down to basement and realize that there is no way out of the basement.  Good work, idiots.  Can this team of survivors get out of the basement, get above ground and figure out what the hell is going on! Let's hope so for your sake!  This Australian flick has some interesting twists and turns that can really go either way for the enjoyment of a viewer.  Not the average zombie movie but the brother duo (I'm assuming, please correct if I'm wrong) of Michael and Peter Spierig put a ton of different elements into to it.  It's got a sci fi angle, some of the action scenes are done like early John Woo and it's got some humour in it as well.  It's a big fat zombie burrito film that can be overwhelming and disorientating at times.  The story for me literally hits a wall for me at when the characters hit the wall that is surrounding the town and they can't escape.  The story starts to get confusing but it squeaks itself back into the realm of plausibility and ends up tying itself back together in the end.  There is a good amount of blood and the special effects are alright but you can tell they were working within a tight budget.  The ending is good and the film is worth watching if you get a chance.

4. The Horde (2009) -A group of police officers, head over to the projects in Paris to exact revenge from a group of drug dealers who killed their friend.  When they get there, everything goes wrong because of a nosy building manager and they are caught by the gang.  After executing a snitch, in front of them the gang prepares to kill the officers and then something peculiar happens.  The dead snitch comes back to life and starts attacking them!  The gang freaks out and starts putting bullets in him but he won't go down, until someone shoots him in the head but then the guy the dead snitch killed has come back to life! What is going on?! The gangsters kill their own dead friend and look out the window.  There are hundreds of these zombies coming towards them.  They untie the cops, form an alliance and try escape the building before the zombie apocalypse eats them alive.  This french movie reminded me a bit of The Raid, except without the martial arts and it's zombies.  There are some good zombie scenes, especially the end when everything comes to a head.  One thing that bugged me is at the beginning the ammo seemed limitless but they fixed that as the movie goes forward.  The story was pretty good, the characters were alright but I wish there was a little more to them, they seemed a little flat.  The visuals at the end were cool and I like the way everything wrapped up.  This movie is a clean head shot of enjoyment.

3. Tokyo Zombie (2005) - Fujio and Mitsuo work in a fire extinguisher factory, where they spend most of their day practicing their jujitsu moves.  Their boss catches them one lunch hour and tires to humiliate Mitsuo by rolling him up in a dirty mat and slapping his bald head.  Fujio hits his boss in the head with a fire extinguisher to get him off Mitsuo and accidentally kills him.  They decide to bury him in "Black Fuji", which is a toxic waste dump in Tokyo.  They bury the body and there seems to be a lot of other people there with the same idea.  As they are leaving the don't notice, but the bodies are rising from the toxic ground and attacking people.  The next day at work, their boss comes back again but he's a zombie!  They try and use their jujitsu, but it doesn't work and they have to escape.  Can these to guys save Tokyo from a zombie attack with the power of Jujitsu?  This movie is from Japan and it's pretty funny.  The Fujio and Mitsuo characters are idiots and just scrape out of these dangerous situations.  The zombies are good and there are some good attacks scenes.  I think it's a little longer than it should be but it's a fun movie. Worth checking out.

2. Nightmare City (1980) - Plucky middle aged bearded reporter, Dean Miller is at the airport to interview a prominent scientist.  While waiting a military plane makes an emergency landing on the airstrip, so he and his camera man head over to get the scoop. That's reporter talk.  When they get there the plane is surrounded by police, military and airport workers who are trying to contact the pilot inside to no avail.  The pressurized door opens up and out walks the scientist that Dean was suppose to interview, along with dozens of blood thirsty ravenous radiation soaked knife wielding machine gun toting zombies, who go straight to work killing everyone in sight.  Dean & his camera man sneak away from the blood shed and head back to the television station.  Dean interrupts everyone's favourite show "All Music" with a special announcement about zombies, until the station manager cuts his feed.  The station manager, tells him that the military doesn't want this leaked out to the public and that they are taking care of it. Furious with the system, Dean quits and calls his hot doctor girlfriend at the hospital to warn her, but she is in surgery and can't come to the phone right now.  Meanwhile, the military are trying to rescue their loved ones and figure out how to stop this zombie insanity!  Zombanity?! TM.  Anyhoo, The major wife and worst sculptress in the world is warned and she locks the doors and windows. The generals daughter and her husband don't want to give up their weekend because of the zombie apocalypse, so they sneak away from the guard and head out for a picnic in the country.  Dean Miller, remember him, after a dozen phone calls, gives up and goes to the hospital to pick up his main squeeze just in time for the zombies to overrun the hospital!  In the mayhem, Dean finds his girlfriend and they narrowly escape.  Can these 3 stories come together in a Lenzi film, defeat the radiation zombies and save Europe if not the world? Maybe?  This one is from Italy and directed by Umberto Lenzi.  I was told, then I read that Lenzi didn't care for the creatures in the film to be called zombies, even though they're dead, eat flesh/drink blood and can only be killed by a head wound.  So...let's just call'em zombies for this blog.  This is a pretty fun film.  The zombies are not your average zombies, they use weapons and have a capacity for thinking, which make them even more dangerous.  The gore in this is pretty great and the special effects are really well done.  The pacing & dialogue is what you would expect from an Italian horror movie, which is slow and Lenzi seems to be trying to send out some heavy handed messages about society and the military, which is fine.  The ending is pretty killer and there are some nice twists in the film, that I wasn't expecting.  Pleasantly surprised and thoroughly enjoyed the film, watch it, if you can.  Oh, and there is lots of senseless nudity.

1. Juan of the Dead (2011) - Juan and his friend, Lazaro are a couple of slackers trying to find work in Cuba and reconnect with their adult kids.  Over the radio, they hear that a new form of dissidents are trying to take down their government.  However, these dissidents seem to eat people and are zombies.  So Juan decides that he need to stop these zombies and save Cuba for a profit.  With help from his friend, Lazaro, Lazro's son, Vladi, local she-male hooker, China and his/her body guard, El Primo, he puts together a business that will kill zombies for a money.  Business is going well at first, but as time passes, their customers turn into zombies and the money and people seem to be running out.  Juan must find away to save himself, his daughter, Camila and his friends and get off the island before they get eaten alive!  This was such a terrific movie.  Director Alejandro Brugues hits all the right spots in a great zombie comedy.  Easily comparable to Shawn of the Dead for the humour but it is similar to Romero's Dawn and Day of the Dead when expressing views about politics and the nature of society.  Great fights with zombies, lots of blood and the body count is really incredible.  A must see for sure!

So it seems that zombies around the world, like people, are basically the same.  They all eat human flesh and there's only one sure way to kill them. So, if you're ever on vacation outside your country and a zombie outbreak begins to rise, remember you may not speak the language but you know enough to aim for the head!


  1. Cool! Can't wait to read your Zombie Blog Hop post today!

  2. I quite liked The Horde. Juan of the dead looks pretty damn crazy too :)

    Zombie Food to Zombie Fit

  3. I'm going to go pet a few bunnies and puppies and kittens and then I'm off to the flower shop and the rest of the afternoon is watching silly sweet love stories where no zombies exist. I have to wash my brain of all this -- I'm horrified. Did you know the flu season is upon us and they say it's already the worst they've ever seen....isn't that how it always starts? Quit thinking, quit thinking....yes I've made the entire blog hop round, and now I'm....

  4. I thought Undead was hilariously fantastic! And The Horde was a movie that packed a lot of punch into its sequences. I'm going to have to get to watching the other three though - thanks for bringing them to my attention :)

  5. Absolutely love this blog post. I haven't seen most of these. So thanks for the tip!!!