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5 Films of Full of Undead Nazis

What's more scary than Nazis? Undead Nazis!  These films give people a chance to kill everyone's favourite villains again and again or at least until they're shot in the head or set on fire or...they just go back to their lake?  Anyhoo, Since 1959, the idea that the Nazi party was linked to the occult has become so popular that it has generated a number of books and has found it's way into comic books and many films.

Here are 5 Films of Full of Undead Nazis

5. Zombie Lake (1981) - A small town in France is plagued by zombies who attack swimmers in the lake and sometimes come to attack the village.  A reporter comes to the town to get a story about the lake and the mayor tells her that at the end of the war, when the Nazi's who occupied the town were leaving, some of the villagers killed a group of them and threw them in a lake.  Including one Nazi, who fell in love with a girl in town and she had a baby on the same day they left.  She died giving birth.  Later on in the film, we find out the lake is cursed or it has black magic or something and that is why the zombies come out of the lake to kill people, sometimes.  The mayor and village have tried nothing to stop this evil horde and they've run out of ideas!  How can this town stop this horrible problem?  This movie is a must see for any lover of bad cinema, it is soooo insane!  I have no idea where Director Jean Rollin was going with this one.  I have never seen zombies like these! A heartfelt re-union between zombie Nazi and daughter, zombies fighting each other for pack supremacy and zombies not attacking people! WTF! Characters being introduced and then disappearing, nude girls just showing up, not complaining but totally unnecessary and a town full of idiots. The script is Terrible and the dialogue is Horrible but if you watch it, you'll laugh your ass off and try and to convince all your friends to watch it with you the next day. 

4. Oasis of the Zombie (aka La Tumba de los Muertos Vivientes or The Treasure of the Living Dead) (1982) -After hearing that his father died, Robert receives a telegram at school and returns home with his friends.  He reads his father's Special Moments diary and learns that his father, while fighting in the Africa Korps against the Nazi's, ambushed a convoy of Nazi Gold! Unfortunately, his platoon was massacred along with the Germans and he was the only survivor.  He was taken into the home of a wealthy sheik and recovered there.  While recovering, he fell in love with the sheik's daughter and had got some wartime relief, if you know what I sayin, and then skipped town.  He came back to later to find the sheik's daughter, but she had passed away during child birth and guess we're put to speed.  Nazi Gold! Everyone screams and Robert says he has a map to it and everything, so off they go the Africa to collect it.  Unfortunately, the man who killed Robert's father, the evil Kurt and his unsuspecting of how evil Kurt is, wife are already there searching for the gold.  When they arrive, they are attack by Nazi zombies!  Can Robert and his friends get through this monotonous film, collect the treasure and avoid getting killed by the undead 3rd Reich? You'll have to see! This film was directed by Jesus Franco, who coincidentally had a hand in writing Zombie Lake, so you can only guess how awesome this movie is.  Unlike Zombie Lake, the film drags and there isn't really anything truly outrageous happening that make you laugh.  The script is confusing and the ending is the worst that I've ever seen.  I was like WTF? Cuz the endings of bad films, for me are the real jewels of the bad cinema experience.  Most of the time, all the other nonsense can be disregarded as long as the ending is killer and it makes sense.  This one failed.  The zombies are okay and there are a couple of good gory scenes but Franco spends way to much time developing the Robert character, which no one gives a shit about.  More zombies please, more zombies killing.  Check it out if you want, it still has a few moments but it's not the best treasure in the desert.

3. Revenge of the Zombie (1943) - After the death of his sister Lila, Scott Warrington and his hired goon, Larry Adams head back to the family home to speak with his strange brother in law, Dr. Max Heinrich von Alterman.  He's from Wisconsin. When they get into town they meet up with local busy body, Dr. Keating, invite him along to the funeral and devise a plan to trick Dr. von Alterman into thinking Scott is Larry and Larry is Scott.  Nothing like funeral fun.  As they're about to leave Scott's driver Jeff sees a creepy dude in the bushes and freaks out.  He tells Scott, but by the time they reach the bush, the mysterious stranger has left and so the gang just head over to the mansion.  At the mansion, Dr. von Alterman is finishing up his experiment to bring Lila back to life from the dead, as a demonstration to his Nazi cohorts that he can create an army of undead super soldiers that will help them take over the world! hahhahahahahahah! And then his brother in law Scott shows up with his buddies to pay their condolences.  He greets them and is introduced by Dr. Keating as the Larry/Scott switcheroo plan and they meet his lovely assistant, Jennifer.  Dr. von Alterman lets them go to see the body on their own, but when they get there it's gone!  They start searching the house and when they find Dr. von Alterman, they return to the parlor and the body is there again.  They reveal their stupid switcheroo plan to Dr. von Alterman and the plot moves on.  Larry thinks there is something funny happening at the house and Jeff keeps seeing dead things all over the house!  Can they stop Dr. von Alterman from creating Nazi Super Soldiers and help save the world in only 61 minutes? This is a confusing movie at times because of the Jeff character, played by Mantan Moreland.  Assuming he is the comic relief, his scenes take away for the central zombie situation.  It seems like there are 2 movies in this film and it's sad that they had to keep the Jeff character so separate from the rest of the movie until the end.  With that aside, the John Carradine is an excellent villain as Dr. von Alterman and Gale Storms has an awesome name.  Still if you enjoy old school zombies, who lumber about it's still a good watch.  As a side note, Dr. von Alterman turns his wife into a zombie so she'll listen to him and obey his commands.  I don't see that happening alive or dead.

2. Shock Waves (1977) -A boatload of vacationers are out on the ocean when there is a weird disturbance in the sky and everything turns orange.  No one can explain it, so they all go for dinner.  That night, a large boat almost crashes into them but thanks to Keith, the captain's right hand man, averts the crisis and everyone can sleep safely.  The next morning though, the captain is nowhere to be found and there's a problem with the boat.  Luckily, there's a creepy island pretty close by, so Keith starts bringing them over to the island in the dingy.  On the last trip over to the island, the dingy only seats 2, Keith finds the captain dead in the water. Keith and one of the vacationers, Chuck drag the captains body ashore and like the rest of the audience want to know how he got out there?  Somebody spots a house on the other side of the forest/jungle and they head on over to get some help.  When the reach the mansion, it seems abandon but there are fish in the aquarium and power in the house.  Then they hear music and wander like sheep toward the music.  When they arrive at the foyer, a booming voice asks them what the want in a Wizard of Oz kinda way.  Keith tells the great and powerful voice their tales of woe and asks the voice for help?  The voice says no.  The voice asks them about the ship that almost hit them and Keith says it's been sand barred and isn't moving.  This freaks the voice out and he takes off.  The voice, now in old man form, runs down to the beach and sees the ship, then has a dramatic sit down at the edge of the beach. The next morning, Keith asks the ship's cook, Dobbs to run over to the boat and grab some grub for everybody.  Dobbs complains but heads out to pick up the food and on the way back he is attack by under water nazi's.  That's right more under water nazi's bitches!  While Keith is fluffing pillows in the creepy mansion, he sees the voice, in old man form, return and goes to speak with him.  The voice in old man form, tells him, it's really a bad time for his visit and that Keith and his friends need to get off the island.  He tells him there is a small boat and a civilized island 2 days from here.  Keith thanks him and we cut to vacationer, Rose enjoying a relaxing swim, when she discovers the floating corpse of Dobbs.  Worst vacation ever! They haul his carcass out of the water and Keith gives them the run down on how to get off the island.  While trying to get to the boat they're attack by, can you guess, under water Nazi zombies!  Can this group of vacationers get off this island of the damned or have they traded Club Med for Club Dead?  For a PG film made in 70's, it's actually pretty good.  John Carradine plays the crotchety old sea captain and although the character isn't around for very long, it's still a good performance.   Same with Peter Cushing, who plays the voice.  He plays the character to a tee with what the director gave him.  The zombies look creepy and it's PG, so there isn't a lot of blood shed but there are some good drowning scenes.  The ending is excellent and the whole film is worth watching, if your looking for a good B-movie.

1. Outpost (2008) - Scientist & shady third party lap dog, Hunt hires a team of mercenaries under the command of a guy named DC.  Hunt tells DC, that it's a 48 hour job to collect some mineral samples and needs a team to protect him in the dangerous out skirts of a Eastern European war torn village.  They head out the next day and find an underground bunker where the samples should be located.  DC leaves 2 men on top  while the rest go inside.  When they go into the bunker, they find more than just samples, they find a group of dead bodies in a room with one person still alive.  The person doesn't speak but can move and the put him in a room with a guard. The 2 men above start getting fired upon and a short lived gun melee ensues. A man is shot with a bullet that shot be in a museum and team feels that this may be just the beginning of a bad outing.  DC discovers that Hunt was lying and they weren't there for mineral samples (waaaah?) but for a crazy science machine that shifts reality and can re-animate the dead.  DC soon realizes that his team up is up against some crazy undead Nazi shit and he will have to get his team out alive somehow! Director Steve Barker puts together a delightful and gruesome thriller that will have you chanting for more. (there is a sequel)  The story is basic horror but evolves and adds some really nice sci-fi elements to the plot.  Does the science work, who knows and who cares!  Is there a lot of blood and killing scenes, you betcha!  Good cast, good script and an ending that will make you smile.  Check it out if you get a chance! 

So, if you are looking for some historically accurate films about the war, you are in the wrong place but if you want to watch some Nazi zombies have the shit blown out of them, then these are the films to watch. 

P.S - Dead Snow is a fantastic film.  However, I wrote about it in the Easter blog and there are so many movies out there that I still don't think it's necessary to write about them twice, no matter how perfect it is for this blog in every way.

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