Sunday, 28 October 2012

5 Halloween Themed Movies for Anytime of the Year

I love Halloween!  I love the imagination that goes into the costumes, the treats and the houses when I go to parties or take the kids out trick or treating.  The time and effort that people put into celebrating this day is really outstanding and unlike other holidays it really allows people to look into and have fun with their more macabre sides.  Ghosts and ghouls hanging from trees, witches & graveyards on the front lawn and smiling kids dressed as their favourite monsters or characters running door to door collecting treats.  It puts what little joy I have left into my cold black heart.

It's one of my favourite times of year but what I hate is searching for horror movies that take place on Halloween.  Most lists, not all, have just a list of scary titles that have nothing to do with Halloween.  So, I thought I would make a list of movies that take place on Halloween!

Here are 5 Halloween Themed Movies for anytime of the year!

5. Boo (2005) -It's Halloween and a group of teenagers have decided to go to an abandoned mental hospital.  The guys, Freddy and Kevin have cooked up some serious scares for their lady friends, Marie and Jessie and sent their friend Emmett to the hospital with his dog to set up the traps.  While there, Emmett gets spooked, loses his dog and gets trapped on the 3rd floor with some scary shit going down.  In story B, Allan's sister Meg and her friends went missing after going into the same abandoned mental institution just 2 weeks ago, so he goes to talk to a cop friend of his father's, Arlo "Dynamite Jones" Baines to see if he can help him find his sister.  Somehow, Arlo knows a secret entrance to the place and directs Allan to it.  Allan asks for his help and Arlo says, "Hell no!"  Back at story A, the gang have arrived and Jessica is very apprehensive about going in but after she sees a spooky figure throw her a key, then disappear, she's totally in and the gang start their terrifying journey.  Once inside, the gang are less than scared at the ridiculous things Emmet had set up but when the shit gets real when they see a little girl ghost and evil man spirit, so they take off and run to the elevator, which brings then to the 3rd floor.  In story B, Allen is somewhere and finds his sister, Meg and she tells him all her friends are dead.  Allen then suggests they need to get out of there and try to escape from wherever the hell they are.  On the 3rd floor, Jessica is having these psychic flashes about her dead mom and about a killer that was here back in the day.  From Jessica's vision's, it ends up someone brought a little girl to the mental institution and she got raped and killed in a closet.  Then the inmate who did it, wanted to leave, so he started a fire.  Makes sense.  The nurse working that shift, instead of calling security or putting out the fire, decided to throw the keys away because she would rather die with all the other people there then leave that floor.  Anyhoo, This guy runs shit now in this haunted asylum and needs to possess somebody to escape.  They finally meet up with story B and start getting attack by the ghost! They must escape this madhouse before they all lose their souls! The story is pretty silly, sometimes confusing but there isn't too much going on that we haven't seen before.   It is looow budget and the effects are similar to an Asylum picture (I thought it was).  There are some gory scenes but I'm pretty sure it's mostly computer animated.  The skinned dog looked good.  The flashbacks were annoying and who the hell brings their little girl to a mental institution for the criminally insane? AND then doesn't keep an eye on her? That is some bad parenting.  I didn't mind the film when I was watching it but now when I think about it, it was pretty bad, even by my standards.  Watch if you want, but don't expect much.

4. Night of the Demons (1988) -Again, it's Halloween and Judy is excited to go to the high school dance with her vanilla boyfriend, Jay and his friends, Max and Frannie.  But when Jay calls her, there has been a change in plans and Jay doesn't want to go to the dance anymore and wants to go to a spooky party, the class weirdo Angela and her friend Suzanne are throwing at the Hull House.  Judy agrees and starts to get ready for the party, when her ex boyfriend Sal comes over.  Sal threatens Judys' obnoxious little brother to tell him where she's going tonight and the little runt let's him know she is going to Hull House.  Jay and his crew pick Judy up and see some of their stranded classmates, Stooge, Roger and Helen on the way to the party with a flat tire.  Jay being the nice guy that he is flips them the bird and keeps on truckin.  When they arrive at Hull House, someone explains that it's an abandoned mortuary and the Hull family was murdered there some time ago.  Sounds great!  They go in and Sal scares the crap out of them by hiding in a coffin.  The others arrive and it's time to party!  Then the music stops cause Stooge forgot to bring extra batteries, so they decide to do something Halloweeny and have a seance with an evil mirror.  While having their seance they bring about an evil dragon looking thing and break the mirror releasing demons (?).  The demons seem to go after the host of the party Angela, who then passes it to, like so many STDs to her friend Suzanne.  The gang then splits up and Sal gets to watch a less than impressive interpretive demon dance from Angela and Jay gets fucked in more ways than one by Suzanne.  The possessed start attacking their friends and who ever is left must save themselves to save the others!  This is the second film from, Kevin S. Tenney (Witchboard) that I've seen this month and at least he put demons into this film.  It has that 80's horror fun feel to it but it's not as memorable as say the Return of the Living Dead.  Nor does it have the budget, but it does have sexy Linnea Quigley, who is probably the best part of this film, who plays the slutty Suzanne.  The make up effects are pretty good and it looks like Tenney watched Evil Dead a lot before he shot this because he has tons of shots of cameras shooting through the house.  The acting is mostly terrible, the script is nonsense and the dragon (demon) looks like it was borrowed from a another movie but I still enjoyed it.  It's funny, intentionally or not, and it's one of those films, that's it's so bad, it's good.  Watch you'll be disappointed and that's OK.

3. Hell Night (1981) - Guess what? It's Halloween and there is a party at Alpha Sigma Rho Fraternity house!  President of the chapter, Peter has a special surprise tonight for 4 lucky initiates, Marti, Jeff, Seth and Denise, so he stops the party and makes everyone drive to the creepy old Garth Mansion.  When they get there Peter explains that Raymond Garth had a number of deformed babies and eventually he couldn't take it anymore looking at then, so he killed them, except for his youngest child Andrew, which the police never found and then he killed himself.  Legend has it Andrew still lurks around the house and hides in its catacombs when people go near it.  Peter tells the crowd that Marti, Jeff, Seth and Denise have to spend the night in the house if they want to be part of the fraternity and sister sorority house.  They agree to it and Peter shoots off the lock off the gate and the 4 get pushed inside the grounds.  Peter puts a fresh lock on the gate, the crowd wishing them well and then everyone leaves them alone on the grounds of the terrifying manor.  Once they get inside the house, they discover that Denise is a regular pharmacy and liquor store, as she hands them booze and pills to keep there party going.  Seth hits it off with Denise and they take off to the bedroom, leaving Jeff with boring old Marti.  Meanwhile, Peter, his nerdy henchman AV guy Scott, and May, the head of the sorority come back to the grounds of the manor to unleash their pre bought terror on their initiates.  First they hit the group with some shrill screams!  This spooks the 4 inside, until they find the speaker where the sound is coming from.  Peter, May and Scott split up to play more pranks but while heading over Andrew Garth gets a hold of May and kills her.  Andrew Garth goes into his legendary kill mode and starts offing these college kids, one by one.  Can they kids escape and stop this murderous madman and still get into the frats? Linda Blair all grown up!  She plays Marti and does an alright job.  No, head spinning or crucifix crotching but it's not Roller Boogie either.  Pretty straight forward, fun film that I would check out again.  The kills are descent and the special effect are well done.  There is one scene when Seth shoots the wolfman that I don't get and isn't explained but I did actually jump a couple times while watching this, so what can I say.  It's like those plastic costumes your parents used to buy at the store, something cheap for Halloween.

2. Trick r treat (2007) - This is an anthology of stories that flit around and end up tying together in the end.  It has Anna Paquin, dressed as Little Red Riding Hood looking for a date for a Halloween party in the woods.  A story about a group of kids looking for a lost bus that was in a tragic accident and long time ago.  There's story about about Principal and his son working on a Jack o Lantern and  a tale about a trick or treater that doesn't like the word no.  It's hard to explain this one because it jumps all over the place and I don't want to give anything away.  The stories are all happening around the same time and you can see characters from other stories intertwine with other characters and see how their actions affect the other characters in the film.  It's actually kind of neat.  I didn't care for this movie the first time I saw it, but after watching it again, it's kinda grown on me.  Most of the stories are great little chillers, except the first one with the couple coming home, I didn't care for it.  Anna Paquin is great and so is Dylan Baker, who I think is really under rated.  Great treat on a Halloween night.

1. Halloween (1978) - In 1963, in Haddonfield, Illonois, on Halloween, a 6 year old boy named Michael Myers (not to be confused with the comedic actor) murders his 17 year old sister, Judith and is locked up for the next 15 years in a mental institution.  The night before Halloween, Dr. Loomis and a nurse go to the institution to pick up Michael and find a number of patients milling about outside in the rain.  Dr. Loomis has a gut feeling and runs to the gate but he's too late!  Michael has just car jacked the nurse and is headed out on the highway.  The next day in Haddonfield, teenager & lonely hearts club member Laurie Strode coincidentally, has to place a key under the mat of the old Myers place.  On the way, she walks with Tommy, the boy she babysits and when they get to the Myers house, he tells her that everyone thinks the Myers house is haunted and scary and he wouldn't go near it for a million billion dollars.  Unfortunately, Michael is watching from inside the house as Laurie puts the key under the mat and is choked to hear how kids feel his house.  Then Laurie and Tommy head to school.  Back at the Institute, after a good nights sleep and hearty breakfast, Dr. Loomis has decided to head to Haddonfield to find Michael.  On the way, he finds a crashed tow truck and a pack of matches from his stolen car.  No time to find the driver, to Haddonfield! Tally ho!  After school, Laurie and her besties Annie and Linda talk about having to babysit and how Annie plans to let Linda and her boyfriend get in the house to have sex.  On the way home, Laurie, notices a station wagon following them and a mysterious figure watching her from the bushes in a mask.  Her friends clown her and they all go home looking forward to meet up later.  Dr. Loomis stops at the grave yard to discover Judith's headstone is missing and it's no time to explain to the cemetery worker, to Haddonfield!  Evening comes and Lauire and Annie are babysitting and little do they know that Michael Myers is coming to visit them tonight!  Probably, my favourite John Carpenter film!  I love that Michael Myers is just a relentless killing machine and actually becomes super natural in this film.  Before he left the asylum, they thought he was just evil and he is actually killed for the first of many times in this movie and gets back up.  So it's either PCP or he's got the devil in him.  Jamie Lee Curtis is brilliant as Laurie and really stakes her claim as reigning scream queen of the time.  Donald Pleasence is awesome as Dr. Loomis, who is terrified of Myers but recognizes that he is the only one that can stop him.  The creepy title music that runs through out the film, is simplistic and amazing!  Just thinking about it sends shivers down my spine.  If you haven't seen it, watch it now because this is a must for any Horror or film fanatic!

After watching these films, you'll be counting down the days to Halloween, making plans for costumes and treats but remember it isn't a good Halloween without a really good scare!


  1. Trick R Treat is a brilliant horror movie and truly underrated. The story about the bus freaked me out the most. Great Post

  2. Thanks man! I think that movie needs a second look because there are so many things going on. The bus was super creepy, even before it went into the lake. LOL