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5 Films with some Evil Children

Children are so cute and you wouldn't think that they could do anyone any harm to anyone, especially your own, but as we all know kids can be pretty evil sometimes.  Looking back, I remember, knocking on doors and running away, making prank phone calls (try doing that now) and egging houses being part of a regular past time with me and my compatriots on many evenings.  Mischief is part of a child's nature and he or she always wants to explore their boundaries.  However, the children in the following films, know their boundaries and have decided to push through them and have gone from being an annoyance in their neighbourhood to something a little more disturbing.

These are the 5 Films with some Evil Children

5. The Pit (aka Teddy) (1981) - Jamie is a friendless 12 year old boy who talks to a Teddy bear, which he can hear talk back.  Everyone seems to pick on him for some reason, no matter how hard he tries to be nice.  His parents have had enough of Jamie being strange and they are moving the family (?), so they hire Sandy O'Reilly, a young psychology college student, to watch Jamie while their out of town looking for houses.  Jamie falls instantly in love with Sandy, tells her about his secret friends the Tra-la-logs, who live in a pit a little ways away and asks her what she though a Tra-la-log would eat?  Sandy laughs and says she didn't know.  Jamie then experiments to see what the like to eat and finds out that they enjoy meat but he can't afford to keep going to the butchers, so he starts feeding them people he hates.  Can Sandy help this maladjusted boy with her first year teachings psychology with the aid of her football playing boyfriend or will Jamie continue to push his enemies into the pit, until no one is left?  This movie is pretty all over the place.  There are so many scary elements, it's crazy.  There's the creepy kid, then a demon teddy bear, then monsters in a pit and eventually there is even a ghost! And some things that happen don't make sense at all, like why everyone in town is so mean, or why are the adults are so dumb and why has no one else discovered this pit?  Most of the terror is suppose to come when Jamie throws people into the pit, but it is done in such a way that it's more comedic and you rarely see the monsters killing or eating the people.  I still enjoyed it, more because of the ridiculousness of the story and wanting to see what they came up with next.  The only thing I would have liked to seen more of is the demonic bear but the film had a terrific ending and worth watching on slow day.

4. Devil Times Five (aka Peopletoys) (1974) - Five children survive a bus crash in the snowy woods and head out to seek shelter from the cold elements. They head towards a chalet they see up ahead not knowing that an adult has survived and is trying to catch up with them.  The chalet is owned and being occupied by business man, Papa Doc, his slutty wife, Lovely, his daughter Julie, her douche boyfriend, Rick, Papa Doc's pussy/yesman business associate Harvey, his drunk wife, Ruth and the mentally handicapped care taker Ralph.  I don't really know why they're there, some say business but Rick just wants to let down what's left of his hair down and party. I guess, when your dating the bosses daughter and you've had sex with his wife, you think you can do anything.  Anyhoo, the kids noticed that they are being tailed and hide in abandoned area of the chalet.  When the adult arrives the kids gang up and in a slow motion showcase of black and white brutality, murder their former caretaker.  Apparently, from the tag on the adults' uniform, the kids belong in a mental institution, but don't they all.  The kids are eventually discovered in a room at the chalet and the adults let them stay the night.  They have dinner and the adults begin to notice that the children are behaving strangely, but the chalk it up to youth and going through the dramatic experience of the bus crashing.  However, when they notice that the phone lines have been cut and the people start dying, docuhebag Rick and Papa Doc start putting 2 and 2 together and begin trying to stop, then escape from the kids.  This movie is pretty slow to start and the adult characters aren't very likable but as it progresses it turns into a very interesting film.  When the children start killing the adults, they come up with some inventive methods to taking them out.  I did enjoy watching them play with the corpses while waiting for the next victims.  Low budget, enjoyable and I would probably watch it again.

3. The Child (1977) - Alicianne is returning to her rural town to take care the Mr. Nordon's daughter, Rosalie.  On the way there, her car gets stuck and has to hoof it through a creepy forest.  She is startled by a dog, who is being walked by a young boy and an old lady named, Mrs Whitfield.  They walk to Mrs. Whitfield's home and she gives Alicianne directions to the Nordon house.  Alicianne thanks her and takes Mrs. Whitfield's invitation for tea, even though she is already really late.  Over tea, Mrs. Whitfield talks about how Rosalie mother has recently passed away, and since her passing, Rosalie has become a trouble maker and has been in the area when bad things have happened to other people.  After their tea, Alicianne heads to work and lets herself into the Nordon.  Mr. Nordon comes downstairs pissed, asking her where the hell she's been.  She explains she had car trouble and got lost.  Nordon introduces her to Len, his son and tells her that he will drive to get her things tomorrow.  She finally meets Rosalie and they seem to like each other.  Alicianne notices that Rosalie likes to go out at night and hang out at in the graveyard.  She asks Rosalie about it and Rosalie says that is where she meets her friends.  Eventually, Rosalie and her friends start killing people, even people we know nothing about, to get revenge for her mother's death, that doesn't really get explained either.  Alicianne and Len escape into the night, but can they stay ahead of Rosalie's friends and stop Rosalie?  This movie has a style of it's own.  Sure, the acting is horrendous and Ed Wood would be shaking his head at their day for night shots but it is fun to watch.  The special effects are also very good and there is a lot of gore.  *SPOILER*The friends are zombies and they are the strangest zombies I have ever seen but they're no less scary.*SPOILEREND*  Again, it takes some time to get into but once it's rolling it is pretty good.

2. The Children (1980) - A school bus with some children drive through a mysterious fog.  Shortly after, Sheriff Billy finds the bus on the side of the road empty.  He heads over to the closest home, which is Dr. Goulds'.  Luckily, she is sunbathing while she waits for her son to come home from school, so after she gets dressed, her and the sheriff go looking for the kids.  They go back to the bus and she concurs with the sheriff that they are not there.  Now the seem stumped, so the sheriff goes into town to put up a roadblock and just as he leaves Dr. Gould hears her son calling to her.  Coincidentally the voice is coming from a cemetery, she runs up into the cemetery and finds the bus driver dead from horrible burns on his skin.  She fears the worst, then turns around and sees her son is okay and wants to hug her.  They hug and Dr. Gould's skin melts instantly!  Meanwhile, the sheriff has set up a roadblock and gone to visit other parents to see if their children have arrived home.  No ones has seen their kids, so the sheriff and a local dad go out looking for these kids.  Meanwhile, the children are melting people like nobody's business and soon the only ones left are sheriff, the local dad, his wife and their son who didn't go to school that day.  Good day to fake a cough.  The children seem unstoppable with there hugging/melting, can the sheriff and his survivors ever escape and save the town?  I loved the make up effects for this movie, I think Craig Lyman did an excellent job.  I like the idea of radioactive children zombies offering hugs to kill, it's kinda of a bent thought.  The acting isn't very good and you can see the ending a mile away but it's a fun time waster.

1. Children of the Corn (1984) - One day after church, a little boy named Issac and his friend Malachai staged a coo in the town of Gatlin.  They killed all the adults in town after "He Who Walks Behind the Rows" told them too.  Three years later, on the way to his internship, Burt and his girlfriend Vicki hit a boy standing in the middle of the road.  Burt gets out of the car and takes a look at the boy.  As a phsycian he declares his diagnosis, MURDER but not by him.  Apparently, the boy had already had his throat cut and was pushed into the road.  Burt looks around, finds the kids suitcase and then packs the boy and everything into their roomy trunk, so they can get to a phone and call the police.  They stop at a gas station, where a crotchety old man tells them to avoid Gatlin, cuz "those folks got religion" and points them to another town further ahead.  Try as the might get to the other town, it seems all roads end at Gatlin for Burt and Vicki, who find an eerily abandonned town, with corn husks everywhere.  They start to leave the town, when they see someone go into a house.  They go in and find a little girl named Sarah, playing records and drawing pictures.  Burt asks where all the adults are and Sarah tells them that Issac put them in the corn field.  With new hope, Burt heads to city hall and leaves Vicki with Sarah.  Unfortunately, Malachai and the other children capture Vicki and crucify her in the cornfield.  Burt isn't doing much better because after stopping a ritual at a local church, he is now being chased through the town by the kids.  Can Burt and Vicki ever escape these wretched religion loving children?  I remember being so scared of this movie when I was a kid and loving it!  Courtney Gains plays the Malachai character to a tee and make him so chilling and John Franklin does a fantastic job as the child preacher Issac. Linda Hamilton is excellent in her pre -Sarah Connor role and even Peter Horton sells the shit out of the Burt character.  Not a lot of blood shed throughout the film, but it does have it's moments and the tension starts as soon as they get into Gatlin and you can feel your neck hairs start to rise. This one is a must see!

So, if you were a mischief maker or a little hellion, maybe don't feel so bad about playing pranks on the neighbourhood because door bells are always ringing and eggs can always be wiped off but when you get to the level, like in these films, there is no turning back. And the next you see a kid digging a hole or trying to give random hugs, remember these films, it may save your life.

P.S: The Omen - Damien is the son of the devil and a supernatural creature.  The children in these films are regular kids, if you can call them that but you know what I mean.  The Omen will probably show up on a future list.

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