Sunday, 20 May 2012

5 Over the Top Japanese films

There's weird and then there's Japanese film weird.  Being from Canada, eh, I don't know if it's a cultural gap or what but the Japanese have created some of the most bizarre, over the top films I have ever seen in my life.  Most of these films are based on revenge elements and I tell you, I would not want to be on their bad sides.  These films make North American film look tame and they dive, dig and exploit realms and taboos that most films on this side of the globe would barely even nod at and maybe that's what makes them so enjoyable.  That and the copious amounts of blood, oh..., the blood.

Here are 5 over the top Japanese films:

5. Tokyo Gore Police (2008) - Set in the future, an evil villain known as the Key Man has created a virus that causes humans to mutate when injured and grow weapons from the injured areas.  They turn into monsters called "Engineers".  Ruka is a samurai sword wielding cop, who's mission is to destroy these monsters, catch the Key Man and avenge her father's assassination.  This movie is so much fun and there are some amazing visuals that you won't forget any time soon.  It's action intense with weird mutants and a lot of blood.  Even the fake commercial are hilarious, this is one film that you will want to watch.

4. Splatter: Naked Blood (1996) - Eiji is a young scientist who has created a drug that transforms pain into pleasure, but he has no one to experiment it on.  Luckily, his mother is a scientist as well and is conducting her own experiment annnnnd she has three new lady test subjects.  Eiji slips into his mothers lab and injects his drug into his mother's formula and waits to see the results.  Fortunately for us, they are extremely disastrous for two of the ladies creating some disgusting scenes but the 3 girl, Rika she is a mystery and Eiji needs to look deeper into her reaction.  The movie itself is a bit slow moving but once it gets going, it goes from slow to distrubing to gross to distrubing again.  No trailer, so hears a clip.

3. Guinea Pig (1985) - Basically, three guys catch a woman in a net(?) and then spend 43 minutes torturing her.  There is no story or anything, just these guys slapping, kicking, and throwing meat at this poor woman.  It's interesting and it has spawned 7 sequels so...(?).  It's pretty graphic and it's better done than August Underground Mordum but not as gross.

2. Tetsuo: The Iron Man (1989) - So... A man cuts open his leg and sticks a rusted metal pipe in his leg.  Feeling the intense pain of cutting one's leg open and sticking a rusty pipe into one's leg, he runs out into the street and gets hit by a car.  The driver and his girlfriend get rid of the body in a ravine, have sex in front of their victim and go back home and act as if nothing happened.  The driver of the car, Business man, is shaving and notices a piece of metal in his cheek, he removes the barb and goes to work.  As time go by he mutates more and more into a metal machine and then things get really fucked up.  So bizarre, I've seen this a couple times now and it still makes me smile with confusion.   It's done in black and white and has some interesting stop motion film pieces in it and you can tell this was done on a very low budget.  The transformation into the Iron man for the Business Man is really the best part.  The scenes in the apartment with the girlfriend are funny and very disturbing.  The film itself is somewhat hard to follow and the plot is thin but that's not what why we're watching this.

1. Ichi The Killer (2001) - A bag of money, containing 300 million yen and a Yakuza boss, Anjo go missing in the middle of the night.  Anjo's right hand man and sadomasochist, Kakihara leads the gang searching for the kidnapper to retrieve Anjo and the money. Kakihara captures and tortures a rival Yakuza boss, after being led astray by the Jijii, who has his own low level gang which employs Ichi.  Realizing that Jijii and Ichi are the people behind the kidnapping, he now directs his two best henchman to sniff them out (literally), so they can pay for the killing of Anjo.  This has to be one of the best films director Takashi Miike has put together.  A culmination of everything ugly, wrapped up in a head over heels, slapsticky display of ultra violence, that makes you want to cover your eyes but you still have to peek.  There is so much blood, even Ichi's henchmen at the beginning, question if it is necessary.  Also, director of Tetsuo, Shin'ya Tsukamoto plays Jijii.  THIS IS A MUST SEE!

These films may not be Kurosawa, translating Shakespeare with samurai tales or Ozu reflecting on Japanese family cultural but these films are fun to watch and have a panache of their own.  So, grab some gas station sushi, a bottle of cheap saki and gorge yourself in so international gore films, your head just might explode!


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    1. Thanks! I'm glad you like it!

  2. great meeting you on twitter! I completely agree with you, the Japanese horror film culture is bizzare, but they're making the rest of us step it up a notch :) cheers,

    Tara e. (ZFTheater)

  3. Audition was the first Takashi Miike film I saw. The beginning was so slow, but when it picked up. Wow! Did it ever go bananas. Good film, I should watch it again.