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5 Malicious Mother's Day Movies

Just a heads up, if you haven't seen Psycho or Friday the 13th then you should see them before reading any further.  There are maternal elements that impact those stories and I wouldn't want to ruin anyone's enjoyment of those films by reading my article.

Mothers, we wouldn't be here without them.  When I think of my mom when she would cook supper after coming home from a long day of work, letting us ride our big wheels in the kitchen after she had just cleaned the floors and would always have a moment to listen to any problems that me or my sisters would have.  I think (hope) most people have good memories of their moms and that's why the character of the mom in horror films are so interesting.  In the movies, she is usually defending her family any way she can and struggles to do the unthinkable even though she knows its wrong or she could be mentally deranged but the family is protecting her by hiding her or her taste for flesh.  Whatever the case may be, the maternal instinct that drives these woman are forever, sometimes even after they pass.

 Here are 5 malicious Mother's Day Movies:

5. Frightmare (1972) -  After 15 years of being locked up for incredible crimes, Dorothy and Edmund Yeats are released from a mental institution.  Their step daughter Jackie is taking care of their wild teenage daughter, Debbie, who thinks her parents are dead.  Edmund fears that Dorothy is slipping back into madness and asks Jackie to help.  However, Jackie's boyfriend(?) and amateur psychologist, Graham seems to want to help too, but he might bring them together in a more sinister way.  This is great film in the classic horror tradition.  The plot is slow and like the giallo style, there seems to be a mystery surrounding the story.  You don't really know what the Yeats were charged with until near the end and it adds a nice twist at the end.  There's some blood and the ending is excellent, definitely a good one to watch.

4. Granny (2002) - In this inept film, 8 college friends are slaughtered by what seems to be a granny.  These friends put together, what looks like the lamest party ever with childrens games, talk about sex their not having and of course, the horror staple, their biggest fears.   This leads to one character telling them, he's going to play a trick on them and for them to leave for an hour.  When they come back, guess who's there, the killer granny!  The granny starts slaughtering these idiots, who can't be bother to call the police, leave the house when they can hear the granny killing their friend or even get to their car when they leave the unlocked house.  Luckily, this film is only 58 minutes, which is badly written, acted and the dialogue is the absolute worst.  If you enjoy pain, need a good laugh and have a hour to waste, check this out.

3. Mother's Day (2010) - Beth and Daniel are throwing a birthday party at their new home, unfortunately the sons of the old owners have just robbed a bank and don't know that their mother has moved.  The 2 brothers, Ike and Addley, burst into the house dragging their younger brother, Johnny, who has been shot in the robbery and take everyone hostage.  Luckily, one of the guests is a doctor and can take care of Johnny until their mother arrives to come up with a plan to escape.  While they wait, they terrorize the guests with violence and threats of rape, not the party Beth was expecting to throw.  When Mother arrives, she learns that the boys have been sending money to this address and the couple say they never received the money.  The Mother forces everyone to hand over their ATM cards and sends Ike and Beth to go collect as much money as they can, so they can escape the country.  She warns Beth and Dan that if there is funny business, there will be consequences.  Director Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw 2, 3, 4, and Repo!) does a terrific job loosely remaking this Charlie Kaufman film from the 80's.  It has some interesting kill scenes and the tension grips you throughout the film.  There are some excellent talent in the film, like Rebecca De Mornay as the mother, Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica from True Blood), Shawn Ashmore (Iceman from the X-Men franchise) and even has cameo from Charlie and Lloyd Kaufman.  Good film, best Bousman film I've seen since the Saw franchise. 

2. Psycho (1960) - Alfred Hitchcock's classic tale of Marion Crane (Janet Leigh) , who steals from her company to go live with her adulterous boyfriend.  On the way, during a dark and stormy night, she pulls off the road to stay at a wayward inn called the Bates Motel.  The motel is deserted, with the exception of the caretaker, Norman Bates and his mother.  As Norman explains, his mother stays in the house because of her age.  They chat in the parlor, Miss Crane says good night to Norman and goes to her room.   After a few days, the police, the family and her boyfriend are looking for Marion and retracing her steps which lead them back to Norman, his mother and the Bates Motel.  I love this film, even after 50 years, it still holds as one the best horror films out there.  The dialogue, the setting and twists in the script are perfect.  Norman Bates is still one of the creepiest characters and the relationship between him and his mother reveal such a duality that only Anthony Perkin's portrayal can do it justice.  A boys best friend is mother, isn't it and this is a must see for anyone.

1. Friday the 13th (1980) -  It's Friday the 13th and Steve Christy and his camp counselors are re-opening Camp Crystal Lake.  Annie, a teen counselor, is hitchin' a ride and gets an earful of the drowning death of a boy, Jason Voorhees, the death's of counselors in the past and some odd occurrences have lead the townsfolk to believe that Camp Crystal Lake is cursed.  However, Annie thinks its all bullshit and keeps on truckin.  Unfortunately, that night a number of Steve Christy's people go missing and a lot of them are turning up dead.  Could it be a curse or is it something or someone else.  Critics hated this movie but it really does have its own brilliance to it.  Spawning 10 sequel and one cross over film, the Friday the 13th franchise could not have done it without Betsy Palmer in a remarkable performance as Mrs. Voorhees.  Brilliant make up work by FX master Tom Savini and a haunting, unforgettable score by Manfredini, this is a film every mother should watch.

So, give your mom a big hug and kiss, then thank her for everything she's done because you never know, she may have a few of your skeletons in her closet. 

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