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5 Films Recommended by Social Media Friends

Social media love it or hate it, it's probably going to be around for a long time.  I remember being reluctant about changing over to Facebook from Myspace and laughing when people would talk about twitter.  Things have sure changed.  These sites are fantastic, I get to interact with long time friends and get a chance to share my interests in movies, music and other stuff with a new group of friends.

People on these sites recommend movies all the time and I love it but some films are harder to get a hold of than others.  I'm looking, but some are out of print, not available here and with the financial budget of this blog, ($0) it's hard to view some of these films.

So with that in mind, here are 5 films recommended by my social media friends:

The Redeemer: Son of Satan! (aka: Class Reunion Massacre) (1978) - Six former classmates are invited back to their high school for their 10 year reunion.  When they get there, they find it funny that they are the only ones who have arrived and the phones are dead!  They try to leave and soon realize that the doors are locked, the windows are barred and their is a madman trying to kill them mwhahahahahahahah ha   ha      ha.  I still don't really understand the significance of the opening scene, but once they get into the school, it's pretty straight forward, homicidal maniac vs 6 former students.  The special effects are pretty good, they set someone on fire (that's always a winner with me), the acting is what you expect (this is the only film for most of the actors, thank goodness, except for Jeannetta Arnette) and the ending bookends the confusing beginning scene.  This film fits right in with my massacre films list and worth watching for some 1970's blood shed.

August Underground Mordum (2003) - Well...this film seems to be about three psychopaths that rape, murder and violate their victims.  They also meet other people, who enjoy the same thing along the way.  Unfortunately, this movie doesn't have any plot, other than showing these psychos screaming at each other and doing horrible things to their victims.  With that said, it is pretty disturbing what their doing with the rape, necrophilia and what not.  The special effects are pretty good for the incredibly looooow budget these people had and the editing was pretty good too.  Not for the faint of heart.

Society (1989) - Although, he's popular at school and his family is wealthy, teenager Bill Whitney doesn't feel that he fits in with his family and his friends at school.  He discovers some disturbing evidence that supports his paranoia, when his sister's ex -boyfriend, David gives him an audio tape of the recent coming out party for his sister.  Bill gives the tape to his psychiatrist and when he returns the next day, not only has the tape been altered but David has perished in an automobile accident.  Bill begins to spiral into madness not knowing who to believe and who to trust in this bizarre tale. The story itself is pretty thin and it does take a long time to get to the end.  However, this movie is really weird with an ending that should not be missed.  Incredibly bizarre special effects scenes when they tie the story together at the end.

Troll Hunter (2010) - Students from the university are investigating the recent bear poachings.  They follow a mysterious hunter Hans and discover the real culprits of all the killings, Trolls!  It seems as though the government has been hiding the fact for years that trolls exist and Hans has been keeping them in their territories away from humans.  Hans and the students must find out why the trolls are escaping and causing the havoc.  I was wary going into this because of the documentary, found tapes thing has just been done to death.  However, director Andre Overdal does a great job in taking an over used technique and making it fun.  The trolls look great and the actors are more believable than, some of the actors in this genre.  Also, one of the best reasons to see this is Michael Moriarty doesn't dance in this troll movie.

Lady SnowBlood (1973) - Yuki Kashima was born for vengeance.  Her mother dies giving birth in prison to Yuki and forcing the other prisoners to train Yuki as an assassin to get revenge on the criminals who killed her husband and son.  Once Yuki turns 20, she travels across Japan in search of the remaining criminals to fulfill her destiny.  Fantastic film, the back story on Yuki is just as incredible as the battles she encounters while hunting down the criminals.  Toshiya Fujita does an amazing job re-recreating this beloved manga tale and Meiko Kaji is incredible as Lady Snowblood.  If you enjoy bloody tales of revenge with subtitles and samurai spirit, then you should definitely check this out!

The more people I meet, the more suggestions for films to watch I get and the more fun I have watching this stuff and talking about it.  So, I want thank everybody for reading, making suggestions and I will get to your film as soon as I can find it!

A big thank you to people who suggested the films for this blog.
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