Sunday, 15 April 2012

5 of the Deadliest Dolls in Horror Cinema

What is it about dolls that make them so creepy.  Maybe it's their dead eyes staring blanking into emptiness or the textured moldings of their small hands that grasp at nothing.  Whatever it is they can be scary and down right vicious sometimes as we've seen in some films.

Here are 5 of the Deadliest Dolls in Horror Cinema:

5. Child's Play (1988) -  All Andy wants for his birthday is a Good Guy doll.  His widowed mother, Karen can't afford one from the store, but a street peddler has one for sale, so she buys one from him.  Little does she know that the soul of "The Lakeside Strangler", Charles Lee Ray is in that doll!  After some time with Chucky (the doll), Andy's behavior starts to change and claims that the doll is causing all the trouble and is a murderer.  This movie is a classic and has spawned a number of sequels.   The Chucky character has the killing tendencies of Michael Myers or Jason with the dry wit of Freddie.  Must see by all!

4. The Devil-Doll (1936) - After escaping the french prison on Devil's Island, Marcel and his friend Paul Lavond retreat to his swamp land laboratory, where his wife has been continuing his work.  She shows them that the formula is complete and she can now reduce people to 1/6 of their size, so that people can expand their use of resources.  Unfortunately, this excitement and knowledge kills Marcel, so Paul decides to use the formula to get revenge on the 3 men who unjustly sent him to prison.  Lionel Barrymore does a brilliant job playing Paul Lavond and brings a comedic sense in playing Madame Mandilip, his disguise during his time in Paris.  The special effects are rather good considering it was shot in 1936 and director Tod Browning does an excellent job bringing these dolls to life.  Little violence, but good suspenseful story telling in an a classic horror style.

3. Black Devil Doll (2007) - After rampaging and killing some white women, black activist, Mumbia is sent to the electric chair.  The day he is executed, Heather is playing with her Ouija board and summons the spirit of Mumbia and it is captured inside a Puppet!  The puppet tells her his story and they have sex but after a while the puppet says it needs more action.  He convinces her to invite some of her friends over, so he can have sex with them.  She obliges him and so begins a puppet orgy of death!  I don't know if this is suppose to be a remake of "Black Devil Doll From Hell" but its pretty close.  The story is way better (I guess) and there is tons or gore, scenes of a puppet raping people and puppet necrophilia.  Basically, there is a lot of scenes with this puppet fucking things it really shouldn't.  Sometimes funny, sometimes gross and the whole time weird.  Worth seeing at least once, better water cooler talk than the "New Girl".

2. Dolly Dearest (1992) - The Wade family wants a fresh start, so they buy the "Dolly Dearest" doll factory and move to Mexico. Makes sense.  Before they arrive though, not ten feet away for the factory, at an excavation site, an archaeologist releases an ancient evil spirit into the world, which kills him and decides to take over the dolls in the factory.  When the Wade family arrive, they visit the factory and Elliot, the father gives his daughter, Jessica a doll of her very own but little does he know it's evil!  Over time, her mother, Marilyn and their housekeeper notice Jessica spending way to much time with the doll, speaking ancient languages and becoming more aggressive.  She ignores it and after the maid finally gets killed, she kind of takes action.  Rip Torn shows up as another archaeologist, moves the plot along a gives Jessica's brother, Jimmy some screen time.  Originally, a direct to video release, it did hit the theater, most likely because of a clerical error.  This film isn't totally terrible and can be fun.  The special effect on the dolls near the end is pretty good, but there isn't much killing.  Denise Crosby is the same mother type character she was in Pet Sematary and Rip Torn is well, Rip Torn.

1. Dolls (1987) - Judy, her terrible step-mom, Rosemary, and neglectful father, David get caught in a rainstorm, when their car gets suck in a mud hole.  Luckily, there is a creepy mansion nearby for them to take refuge in until the storm passes.  After getting no reply by knocking, they break into the mansion and confronted by owners, the Hartwickes.  The Hartwicke's are an elderly couple who enjoy making dolls and are kind enough to invite Judy and her family to stay but they're not the only people to get stuck in this storm.  Ralph Morris and his two hitchhiking companions, Enid and Isabel also need a place to stay and they are welcomed by the Hartwicke's to stay as well.  However, things start to go bad when Isabel tries to steal antiques from the house and is attacked by the dolls.  The dolls go on to punish the other adults in the house for their trangressions and Judy and Ralph have to find so way to stop them!  Charles Band produced this and even though it could be, it's not a Full Moon film. The stop animation is really good and it looks similar to the Puppet Master and the Demonic Toys films.  Re-Animator director Stuart Gordon takes a so so script and does the best that he can with it.  Fun film, worth looking into but it does get lost in the end.

Dolls are plastic replicas of human beings and that's probably what makes them the most scary.  Even now, I hear the jingle of my daughter's doll coming down the stairs and it sends shivers down my spine because I know that it is bringing down the worst evil in the world, my kids!

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