Sunday, 25 March 2012

5 Movies Where Food Eats You!

Forget zombies eating your flesh or glittery vampires sucking your blood, we should be more concerned about what's in your refrigerator!  I'm not talking about your Uncle Sal's chili, but in a time when our food has more writing on the side of the package than I put in my own reviews; who knows what kind of evil forces or chemical mixtures can be released in some delicious yogurt, tasty lamb or even in the most docile of vegetables, the tomato.

Pay heed and check out these 5 films of food terror,

5. The Stuff (1985) -A delicious white goo is found, marketed and sold to the world as a dessert called  "The Stuff".  The world loves "The Stuff" but it has one glaring side effect, it eats you from the inside! (dun dun dunnnn).  Can former FBI agent David Rutherford, ad specialist Nicole and Jason, orphaned after his family ate the stuff, stop the stuff, save America and maybe the world.  Childhood favorite all the way, who doesn't love a goo that is trying to take over the world.  Not much of a script but a good cast, like Michael Moriarty and Paul Sorvino before they were on Law & Order and this is probably the best work from SNL alumnus Garrett Morris after Car Wash.

4. Black Sheep (2006) - Over his fear of sheep, Harry returns home to sell his half of the farm to his brother, Angus.  Little does he know that Angus, has been working on and is ready to present the genetically engineered version of his sheep, which are are now carnivores.  A pair of environmentalists, Grant and Experience, steal a discarded embryo and Grant is accidentally bitten by it; thus becoming the first to be infected and turned into a crazed half-sheep monster.  Harry and Experience must survive the evil sheep, their creators, escape the farm and find an antidote to stop these were-sheep.  Great film, similar style of early Peter Jackson work.  Lots of gore and killer sheep just make me laugh.
3. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes (1978) - After a number of reports of people being attacked and killed by tomatoes, the government sets up a special task force to stop the evil veggies before their plan comes off the vine.  This film classic hits on all levels of funny.  Spawning 3 sequels, it's just hilarious and you'll have the theme song stuck in your head for days.
2. Gingerdead Man (2005) - Gary Busey plays a killer who comes back to life as a gingerbread man to exact revenge on the girl who sent him to the electric chair.  This is a Full Moon Production with Charles Band taking up the director's chair.  It's great with a lot of blood and some good tongue in cheek jokes.  Also Gary Busey plays a gingerbread man that kills people, he was truly made for this role.
1. Poultrygeist (2006) - Military themed restaurant, American Chicken Bunker opens up on the grounds of an ancient Indian burial ground.  It's opening day, can Arbie and his fellow employees stop the food from rising from the dead and taking over Tromaville!  Lloyd Kaufman and the gang at Troma put together this great horror, comedy, musical extravaganza.  Some of the best gore scenes, I've seen for a while and gross out humour with some real laughs.  Lloyd Kaufman even shows up to put some time in the kitchen with a song and dance number.  If you haven't seen this, run and find it, you won't sorry.
After watching these films, you may want to go organic but all you have to do is watch what you eat.  If it looks like a possessed duck, walks like a possessed duck and talks like "Kill your fucking family and worship Satan", then it's probably is time to go see a psychiatrist.
P.S - There is also a movie called "The Refrigerator", but I can't find it.  If it falls into your hands let me know, maybe we can swing a deal.


  1. Great list...The Stuff is the only one I haven't seen, I'll be sure to add it to my 'to watch' list. In a similar vein to Poultrygeist you should check out 'Thankskilling', as far as I know it's currently the only exclusively turkey-based horror movie out there.

  2. Thanks! Huge fan of Thankskilling, check out the Blood Freak (1972) and there's a Were-turkey. The movie is awful, but funny in so many ways.