Sunday, 4 March 2012

5 More Free B-Movies

I Love B-movies!  I Love Free Movies!  Here is a way to put those to things together.

Go to and look on the top right hand side.  You will see, "Browse", "Movies", "Upload".  Click on "Movies".  Now click on "All Categories" and select Horror.  (this works with any genre) Now this is important, where it says "Filter:", choose Free.  Now, make a selection and enjoy.

Here are a few recommendations:

5. Bride of the Monster (1955) - Bela Lugosi plays Dr. Eric Varnoff, who is hell bent on creating a race of Atomic Superman with the help of his lowly lab assistant Lobo (played by Tor Johnson).  They live in a creepy mansion guarded by a giant octopus(?).  A young reporter Janet Lawton starts snooping around Dr. Varnoff's mansion, she is captured and held prisoner.  Now only Janet's boyfriend, Lieutenant Dick Craig, can save the day and stop Dr. Varnoff!  This was Lugosi's 2nd movie with Ed Wood and contains the famous "Home? I have No Home" speech which is just one of the reasons to see this film.  It's a great B-movie with bad acting, missed cues and a script that will only make sense to Ed Wood fans.

4. The Killer Shrews (1959) - While dropping off supplies to a group on a remote island, Thorne Sherman and his 1st mate Griswald get trapped on the island due to a hurricane.  They stay with the group, which consists of a scientist, Marlowe Cragis, his assistant Radford, his daughter Ann, her fiance Jerry and a servant Mario.  There Dr. Cragis has been working on a way to shrink people to reduce world hunger, however in doing so he has created giant venomous shrews (mice) that are now waiting to devour them.  This is a such a ridiculous movie.  There is one magic room, where walls expand, contract and doors appear and disappear.  Ann instantly falls in love with Thorne and why does Griswald have to stay on the boat?  Nothing makes sense in this Ray Kellogg film, but it sure is fun to watch.

3. Teenage Zombies (aka Teenage Torture) (1959) - While boating, a group of teens discover an uncharted island run by a mad scientist.  Dr. Myra works for "the East" and wants to turn America into a country of zombies using her nerve gas.  This film has everything you want in a 50's B-movie.  It has a mad scientist with "red" leanings, it has a man in a gorilla costume, that goes ape at some point in the film and it has a soda jerk, who knows everybody and everything.

2.Eegah (1962) - After being terrorized in her car, by what seems to be a giant caveman, Roxy Miller, her boyfriend, Tom and her dad go looking for it.  While in the desert, Roxy and her dad are kidnapped by the caveman and after a romantic interest is introduced by the caveman, Roxy's dad suggests she just goes with it.  (thanks dad).  Luckily things don't go to far in the world of the 1962 and she ends up giving the caveman a shave (if you know what I mean).  Finally, Tom rescues them and they head back to town.  The Caveman is now angry that his lady has taken off and goes to destroy the town.  This is the 2nd Arch Hall Sr and Jr. production and I'm surprised they didn't give the caveman a guitar.  They wanted to create an Elvis style image for Arch Hall Jr and launch his music career.  The pair created 7 films together before giving up and going back to being pilots.  That is one supportive dad!

1. The Blob (1958) - Steve McQueen stars in this classic horror about an alien goo that grows by devouring everything in it's path.  The authorities think McQueen and his friends are trying to pull a prank and don't realize the blob is real until it's too late.  It is one of the best B-movie out there with a crazy mambo title song.


You may already know about this youtube feature but I've shown a number of people and they've said they have always overlooked that button.  Overlook no more, there are 5 or 6 pages of just horror films on the youtube site, with no commercials from what I remember and they're free!

Have fun and avoid Wrestlemaniac, it's Rey Mysterio Sr. and very little of him.

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