Sunday, 18 March 2012

5 Horror movies more Irish than Leprechaun

Happy belated St. Patricks Day!  Now that you got your Irish on, why not finish the weekend off by watching some scary Irish horror movies.  By blogging mandate 2066.5, I must include the film, Leprechaun in some way when talking about Irish horror movies, so let's begin with that and then move into some films actually made in Ireland.

Leprechaun (1993) - After moving in to their new home, J.D Redding and his daughter Tory (Jennifer Aniston) unknowingly release an evil Leprechaun.  The Leprechaun is hellbent on searching for his gold and will destroy anyone who stands in his way.  This is a fun little film, that spawned 4 sequals with poor Warwick Davis searching for his gold.

Now with that out of the way, here are 5 terrific Irish horror films:

5. Dead Meat (2004) - Helena and Martin, are traveling through Ireland on vacation.  Martin is distracted and accidentally hits a man on the road.  The couple gather the body and put it in the backseat to bring it to a nearby cottage, when it comes back to life and bites Martin.  Martin smashes the zombie and sends Helena for help.  Once, Helena reaches the cottage she discovers more zombies and even her boyfriend Martin has turned into one as well!  She narrowly escapes, runs into a gravedigger named Desmond and the two of them head off to try and find a zombie free village.  Great film, reminds me of early Peter Jackson and Raimi stuff.  Like those films, there is some wonderful humour and a lot of gore.

4. Isolation (2005) - On his remote farm, Dan and his vet ex-girlfriend, Orla, are working on a genetic experiment to increase the fertility of cows with Jon from the Bovine Genetics Technology.  During the evening, the experimental cow starts to give birth and with no way to contact Orla, Dan enlists the help of Jamie and Mary, the couple squatting in trailer outside his property to help him.  Dan and Jamie manage to pull the calf out but it is damaged and bites Dan.  Orla arrives the next morning, puts the calf down and does an autopsy.  During the autopsy, she discovers that the calf was pregnant with a crazy hybrid due to the experiment.  One of the hybrids escapes, starts infecting the other cows and people on the farm.  They need to stop the hybrid before it leaves the farm and infects the world.  The film is a combination of Alien and John Carpenter's The Thing.  You don't know when it's going to strike next and you only see glimpses of the creature until the very end.

3. The Eclipse (2009) -A depressed widower, Michael Farr begins seeing ghosts.  While volunteering at the local literary festival, he falls in love with a female horror author, Lena, and shares his recent supernatural experience with her.  Unfortunately, he starts clashing with her married ex lover, played by Aiden Quinn.  He thinks that Michael is a stalker and is afraid for Lena, all the while Michaels ghostly visions are becoming more vivd and distrubing.  This is a little more low key than my usual fair but Ciaran Hinds does a great job with Iben Hjejle in a classic ghost story. 

2. The Daisy Chain (2008) - After the death of their baby daughter, Tomas and Martha Conroy move out to a remote village in the country.  While there, they take in Daisy, a disturbed and perhaps autistic child, whose parents met a gruesome death. As time goes on, a mysterious string of accidents befall the couple and there friends with Daisy being associated with them all.  Martha and Tomas begin to hear rumours and the gossip of locals, that Daisy may be something more than orphaned little girl, she may be an evil fairy.  This is such a creepy film because it keeps you guessing the whole time.  Is it bad luck or is Daisy an vengeful creature trying to keep the couple's love to herself?

1. Shrooms (2007) - Tara and her friends go out into the woods of Ireland to collect magic mushrooms and trip out on the wonders of nature.  She unknowingly eats a death head mushroom and goes into a seizure and when she is revived she claims to be able to see future events.  They bring her back to camp and let her rest while her boyfriend Jake tells them a horrifying tale of sadistic monk, who murdered children in a nearby orphanage.  They retire to bed, only to hear eerie sounds and see creepy shadows in the night, to wake up to find their friend Bluto has gone missing in the morning.  After taking their mushrooms, they search for Bluto only to find a nightmarish mushroom trip and bloody trail that lays ahead of them.  The paranoia of being on hallucinogens is so prevalent and the director really captures the sense of the drug because like the characters you don't know whats real and what is drugs induced.  

So, today when your nursing your hangover, forget about leprechauns, regrets of the night before and pop in some good horror stories from the Emerald Isle.