Saturday, 14 January 2012

5 Shark Movies Found Under Water with Shark Night 3D

I watched Shark Night 3D (in 2D) this week and this the second shark movie I've seen in less than a week.  I think sharks are coming back, and this is partly due to the team at Asylum and SyFy network with there campy horror/sci-fi super creatures like Mega Shark and Crocosaurus.  Shark Night 3D is a Rogue title and shares the same look and style,  but with the exception, that it was not direct to video or TV and it's 3D release.

Shark Night 3D has a group of college kids off to their friend Sara's lake house in the Louisiana Gulf for a weekend of fun.  Unfortunately, once arriving on the island, one of the friends is attacked by a shark and they learn that they need to make it through the shark infested waters to save him and themselves.  The movie is pretty silly, with sharks attacking people in waist high water, pretty boy villains who were supposed to be hit in the face with a propeller and some pretty bad green screening for a 3D movie.  This isn't really a good movie, but it's got some laughs and if you can make it through to the credits there is a rap video made by the cast.

With that in mind, here are some similar titles I found floating to the surface or just wouldn't go down, whichever way you want to look at it.

5. 2-Headed Shark Attack [Blu-ray] (2012) - A group of college kids end up stranded on an island, only to find out that there is a two headed shark out in the water waiting to devour them.  Carmen Electra stars in this and the rest of the cast doesn't get any better.  I've never seen a class of students, so top heavy and buffed out before, I guess I've been going to the wrong schools.  This is from The Asylum and its what you would expect from The Asylum.

4. The Last Shark (1980) - In this Italian horror flick, an enormous great white shark attacks a coastal town during the summer season.  A plucky sheriff and a grumpy old seaman must save the town for this devastating monster.  Sound familiar, the guys at Jaws thought so too and sued them.  Jaws people won and the film was taken out of the theaters.  The film is pretty gory and worth a look.  The mechanical shark is also very funny to watch and adds to the low budget atmosphere this movie projects.

3. Jaws 3D: High Bitrate Edition (1983) - Dennis Quaid stars as Mike Brody, the son of Police Chief Martin Brody(Roy Scheider), and must protect the people at the Sea World Theme Park after a very large shark gets trapped in the park.  I remember seeing this in the theater when I was a kid and being scared, but seeing it as an adult its just bad.  Dennis Quaid and Louis Gossett Jr are just showing up and telling the same story for the 3rd time.

2. Deep Blue Sea [Blu-ray] (1999) - Working on a project to cure Alzheimer's, medical biologists enlarge the brains of sharks to farm out the enzymes needed for the cure.  Surprise, surprise the sharks become super smart and start rebelling against the scientist, trying to escape to the sea.  There are some bigger names in this, like Samuel Jackson and Thomas Jane, so it's more disappointing than anything else.  The sharks look good.

1. Sharktopus [Blu-ray] (2010) - Eric Roberts plays Nathan Sands,  who with his team of government scientists create the ultimate killing machine, Sharktopus!  Unfortunately, the device that controls the sharktopus is damaged and it escapes.  The sharktopus then attacks the unknowing coastal town (even after it attacks no one seems that concerned) and must be stopped by Sands daughter Nicole and her ex boyfriend, Andy.  This movie is ridiculous on so many levels but it is fun to watch.

When Jaws was released in 76', who knew what kind of terror the shark would bring to our movie screens.  People still tell me that when they first saw it back then they were afraid to go into the water, the only thing I'm afraid of after seeing Shark Night 3D is that there might be a sequel.


  1. Your right Sharks seem to be the new Ryan Gosling--they are in everything.
    While Sharktopus is pretty rad- Megashark v Giant Octopus has Debbie Gibson.

  2. I haven't seen Megashark v Giant Octopus, but I'm very interested espicially with Debbie Gibson. I also heard there is on with Debbie Gibson and Tiffany called Mega Python vs Gatoriod, that should be good.