Saturday, 10 December 2011

Double Dexter Dilemma

I am a true masochist. I am six books into the series and I am expecting different results.  Maybe that makes me a fool but I really do like the character.  The character in question is Dexter and the book is Double Dexter by Jeff Lindsay.  I don't know why I do it, I don't like Mr. Lindsay's writing style, nor do I care for his inability to flesh out characters and his feeling that the Miami police department are completely incompetent but I keep coming back, so that is my fault.

In this novel, Dexter is seen during one of his nightly romps with his dark passenger.  The intruder evades Dexter and gets away.  This intruder then mimics Dexter's style and frames him for murder.  Dexter then has to search out this person and bring him to dark justice.

This book is better than the last one, but it really seems rushed and again to not very fleshed out.  I want to know more about Debra being a single mother and why, I want the Miami Police department to be neck and neck with Dexter, as he barrels down to catch the killer and I want Dexter to stop whining, it is just painful to read.  If Lindsay spent more time developing the characters, it would seem more real and perhaps match the writing on the television show.

And maybe that's why I feel so disappointed after reading the books because I want to be on the edge of my seat, waiting for that next twist that one would expect from the Dexter television series.  Instead, I find it to be a watered down, bizarro world of inept characters, who cannot find there asses when they are sitting down.

P.S - Kill Doakes

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