Saturday, 3 December 2011

5 Reb Brown Movies You Can't Afford To Miss!

I know what you're thinking, who the fuck is Reb Brown?  Well, he played Captain America in not 1 but 2, 2 made for TV movies in the late '70's.  Last week, I explored more his B-movie genuis and came up with a short list that should get you started into the world of Reb Brown

5. Robowars (1989) - This is the Portuguese version of Predator.  Reb Brown leads his B.A.M unit (Bad Ass Motherfuckers, really should be Bad Acting Motherfuckers) into the jungle to find a rogue robot.  There is a ton of pointless walking with a soundtrack that doesn't match the mood at all.  The robot is awful and blips and says greasy alot, even though by the end, it speaks coherent english.  Reb and his unit mow down everybody and everything in their way.  It's a good laugh, there are alot of scenes that don't make sense and the editing is atrocious.

4. Yor, The Hunter From the Future (1983) - Reb Brown plays Yor,  a caveman, who is in search of his origins and carries a mysterious medallion around his neck.  With the help of his friends, he travels across the prehistoric backdrop and over an hour later is in the future battling the evil Overlord.  Along the way they meet a number of tribes, who seem to get slaughtered while Yor is contact with them.  The dialogue is awful and again it doesn't make any sense but when you see him hang glide on the corpse of  monster, it is Reb Brown at his best.

3. Captain America (1979) - Reb Brown is injected with a experimental drug and becomes Captain America, and he fights some bad guys to save America.  This is so bad, its good.  The costumes are awful and the acting matches. nuff' said.

2. Space Mutiny (1988) - Reb Brown is Dave Ryder, ace star pilot bringing everyone's best friend "The Professor" back to the space ship the Southern Sun.  They are attacked by "pirates", the Professor is killed and Dave Ryder manages to dodge death and narrowly returns on board.  The ships flight Cmmdr, the evil Kalgan enlists the ships police and creates a SPACE MUNITY!  Of course, only Dave Ryder can save the day.  Throughout the whole movie no one seems that concerned about the mutiny, there are some pointless mystics in bikinis and the mutineers are just on the other side ship.  The end chase using the "Enforcer" vehicles is classic and shouldn't be missed.  (Sorry, trailer is in german, but it's worth watching)

1. Captain America II: Death Too Soon (1979) Not only does Reb Brown once again pick up the mantle of Captain America, they rope Christopher Lee into this debacle as the villan.  Reb Brown is trying to stop Christopher Lee from putting an aging chemical into America's water supply.  To Lee's credit, you hardly see him but thankfully Reb Brown is there to ham it up.  If he not helping old ladies from muggers, oddly interested in young boys or trying to take care of his sick cat, he's hang gliding into battle to fight Christopher Lee.  I definite must see.

So, If you want a good laugh and you feel the need for bad action films, grab these and have a blast.


  1. Great Reb List! He is at his best in Robowar! Also check out Strike Commando, Reb is great in that.

    1. Thanks! I've heard that Strike Commando is awesome!